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What happened Inside Econotize 2017

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ECOSPIRE : The Economics society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College had its annual department fest ECONOTIZE’17 on 6th march 2017. The fest kick-started with the inaugural ceremony where the convener of the society Mr Jayesh Adeshra lighted the ceremonial lamps and inaugurated the fest.

The fest had a committee event All India Economic Summit based on 3 month review of Demonetisation. The motive of keeping this meeting was to scrutinise, interpret the new economic initiative taken by the Government of India. AIES noticed qualitative participation from different colleges and the event received positive word of mouth from students and teachers.

Committee in progress at Econotize 2017
Committee in progress at Econotize 2017

Econotize had its one of a kind event DOCUDRAMA which received large number of participation because of the unique concept. Undoubtedly, the response was beyond expectations and hence tagged a successful event or an experiment whereas Jeopardy saw a huge turnout of participants who actively took part in the competition and played with all their wits. As the participants entered each round the intensity in the room kept on increasing and the level of questions became baffling yet fun.

Ecopoly in progress at Econotize 2017

Ecopoly, again Ecospire’s creation was one fun event where all the participants relived their childhood days by playing alongside an oversized board with equally large pawns and dice. Mystery mayhem was one of the coolest events in the fest where after each round your adrenaline rush just doubles. This event involved solving clues by using all the brains you got and be on top of your game at each step. This event was hugely appreciated by all the participants and ended with a big smile of satisfaction.

Econotize 2017
Econotize 2017

Despite externalities, Econotize received amazing response from participation and their positive words gave the team immense satisfaction. Finally, the hard work paid off and ECONOTIZE became a huge success.



The Econotize 2017 Team

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