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5 hacks to watch the movies on the cheap

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As college students, we are all familiar with the phenomenon of being forever broke and with great movie releases ahead of us (Yes, it is The Lego Batman movie I talk of), we present to you – hacks that allow you to enjoy these films without burning a hole in your pocket.


  1. Make Use of Those Apps– Popular apps like Paytm and BookMyShow offer huge discounts, even on new releases. Sounds too good to be true, but check out deals like 50% cashback on ticket fare or 100% cashback on convenience fee and the best part, the greater the number of bookings, the bigger the discount!


  1. Do Your Research– Most of us tend to book tickets at the same halls that we’ve been going to for decades – it’s time to shake things up! Try independent theatres that have a smaller number of screens- 3CS in Lajpat Nagar, DT Cinemas in GK-2 , Golcha Cinemas next to Chawri Baazar or even Regal in CP that offer tickets at under 200. Multiplexes having movie halls with multiple screens always charge a greater fee and what’s more, you’ll even discover a new hangout spot while you’re at it.


  1. Choose Your Time Wisely– We often prefer evening shows but guess what, there’s a reason why they say that ‘the early bird catches the worm.’ Morning shows are available at half the price, even at pricier theatres like PVR and DT in Saket. For all those who love the luxurious experience, early shows are the answer to your prayers.


  1. Lay Off the Snacking– It’s a universal truth that no movie is complete without something to munch on-but I regret to inform you, you’ve got to pick between the popcorn and nachos – after all we can’t have it all. A tip: popcorn is a better option as it’s cheaper and the quantity is worth the money, nachos on the other hand are expensive and finish before you know it. However, for those who can’t keep their hands off, invest in combo deals that are more economical in nature, because we live to eat, right?


  1. Use Credit Card Perks– Your credit card could act as a discount pass when you want to see the latest blockbuster. Most cards offer member perks, some of which can be discounts at the movie theater. What’s more, some cards including More offer as much as 5% cash back on various purchases in rotating categories. Each company’s cash back calendar is different, so check your service agreement to see if you’ll get cash back at the movies during the year. That way, you’ll get a little extra padding in your bank account just for seeing the latest action flick.


Anahita Sahu
[email protected]


Image credits: GettyImages

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