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College Fests from the Eyes of…

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A multitude of people bear witness to the magical fest period; for each eye views the enigma on stage in a different light. What do your eyes see during these vibrant days?

Between the starry nights and stimulating events; between the pre-fest anticipation and the post-fest remembrances; between the excitement of a fresher and the nostalgia of a third year lies the magnificence of the fest season. The long affair is the product of months of diligent planning, hours of tiresome execution, and transcendence of the vision into reality. Read on to explore what strings in the back of the mind of the college factions!

The Enthused Fresher’s

Stories, anecdotes, and experiences are often parted to the first years as the extensive bits of pearls of wisdom. The first thing to grace our minds in relation to DU is the grand affair of fests which lasts for weeks. With elevated expectations do the first years get ready to grace their first cycle to witness the glory!

The Nostalgic Soon-to-be-Pass outs

As the graduation phase draws to a close for the topmost layer of students, a wave of beaming nostalgia hits the hearts and souls of the those who shall bid adieu to the varsity which has managed to envelop our lives. With a stream of flashbacks clouding their thoughts and vision to capture anything and everything, this set of the audience is sure to make the best of the bests!

The Over-worked Organisers

From the department fests to college fests, leave it to the Organising Committee to be flustered with an incessant supply of work and a shortage of time to do it. To see all ideas translated into action is a thing of beauty, but the degree of hard work and hectic schedules which go in the behind-the-scenes is exhausting. Running through the event, they are the architects of the wonderful creations!

The Omnipotent Media Team

Once the stage is set, from hunting for information to endeavouring to achieve the perfect click, the media teams (yours truly!) circle the campus with recording devices, ready to spread all reins of our coverage. The goal of this faction lies in the belief of covering and capturing the very essence of the event, to be chronicled for the world to remember!


Image Credits: DU Beat

Image Caption: The varying perspectives of the different sections of people who visit fests!


Saumya Kalia

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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