Bouncing Back from Reading Slumps

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There are some who delight in conversations or movies, while there are some who find peace only in pages embellished with printed words. But when this only resort to peace doesn’t arouse happiness like it always does; that is the beginning of a deep gloomy Reading Slump for every bibliophile!

Reading Slumps can be a very irksome period for some, while not so annoying for the others, but they definitely irritate the poor reader with unfamiliar predicaments like not finding the right book, or not “feeling like” reading. The Slump gets worse when the favourite part of the day annoys the book lover beyond measure and none of the books in the reading shelf attracts the eye, instead makes one cringe at the sight of it. Every Reader goes through this phase at least once during their “reading life”. Maybe it’s a signal to take a break away from the routine for a little while and maybe switch over from the genre, or switch over to some other pastime altogether, temporarily though. Seeing how common Reading Slumps are, we have found some super easy ways to help you step out from this dreadful phase; while all you have to do is not cling on to your books or favourite genres for some time and pick one of the ways mentioned below.

  • Pick up Magazines/ Journals; because a slight shift from Literature to issues that are currently being dealt with in the society can work wonders! This can help you find another genre to venture into or pull you back to your all-time favourite one; making you happy, or normal again.
  • Watching Web Series or Movies can be also a great way out from the slump. Movies or Web series that circle around your areas of interest can help you rebuild your interest in tales, which you think to have lost interest in; due to the Slump. Shifting to this pastime for some time would freshen up your mind, give you a little break and pull you back to your unattended book shelf again.
  • Reread your favourite book or your favourite parts of some book you like. Because recollecting those good old memories can always bring you back to your reading routine or at least your favourite genre/ author.
  • Set the right ambiance and reorganise your reading area. Cleaning up or making yourself comfortable in your reading space can probably be the best way to bring you back from straying away from your reading routine. This works with utmost ease for you can get right back on track without making the effort of trying out some different genre or pastime; and can quickly dive into the world of books again.


So try one of these to bounce back and find solace in your favourite company again, because nothing beats books for the bibliophile usually lost in the world of tales!


Priyal Mahtta

[email protected]

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