The Five Kinds of People You Should Avoid During Exams – For the Better!

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Here’s a list of five kinds of people that you should get rid of (effective immediately) and not feel guilty about doing so!

Exam time is a difficult time in any student’s life. The thick books and never ending notes are a problem but adding to the stress are some people who not only ruin your mood but also your motivation to study. It is always a good option to avoid such people and be positive, fresh and stress-free (or at least, try to be). Here is a list of five people that you need to say goodbye to for the exam season –

  • The prying pal: This ‘friend’ doesn’t miss a single opportunity to ask you, “Kitna syllabus ho gya?” and forces you to reconsider your life decisions. It is extremely stressful to answer a question that you yourself are not ready to face. Instead of having to tell this prying friend that you’re still on Chapter 2 and receive the “OMG, what?!” reaction of horror (or worse lying that you’re done with your course), it is better to avoid him/her for a while. Besides, you don’t want them to ask you additional questions like, “Did you do that very difficult topic from that very difficult chapter of all our books?” – No, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


  • The party animal: We all have that friend who is super chilled out and loves partying – even during exams. Unlike you, he/she can’t wait for semester exams to end and this friend probably doesn’t understand when you say you can’t party because you’re studying, almost forcing you to give into temptations. While you’re trying to make up for the sins you committed throughout the semester, he/she is planning a mid-exam party. And although, it would be extremely fun to hang out with this party animal after the exams, it better to bid goodbye to him/her while you try to end the semester with a little grace.


  • The twice-a-year friend: There is this one friend who becomes your friend only two times in a year – during the semester exams. Before and after exams, you have absolutely no idea where this person is and this person is not your friend but a chaser after your notes. Even if your kind heart wants to help this lost, never-around-for-classes face, you shouldn’t give your helpful tutoring and study tips to someone who’s going to forget to say hello after exams end.


  • The control freak: If you don’t have this friend, then you’re certainly the control freak yourself. The one who panics a lot and consequently, makes everybody around him/her panic as well. This friend constantly reminds you of how vast the syllabus is, how tough the chapters are and how worried he/she is. Remember, worrying is contagious and it is a wise decision to avoid the stress source for a while.


  • The liar: Spot this person by listening to what they have to say. For example, if your friend says, “I’m going to fail!” or “I haven’t studied anything, yaar!” there is a very good chance that they will definitely be scoring better than you. My response to these kinds of people is usually an eye roll and a sarcastic, “Sure.” Ditch this friend during exam season for your own good.


Not an easy job, but a necessary one – avoid these people for a calmer state of mind while studying for the semester exams. Best of luck!


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Anagha Rakta
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Head of Web at DU Beat (2017-18), and a passionate writer from Miranda House, with a sweet tooth and a funny bone.

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