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All that glitters isn’t gold. The strategy of McD’s dirt cheap prices!

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It’s time we re-evaluate our belief system when it comes to cheap food. For all those who maintain that McDonald’s is their go to place for the much-needed fast food rush, think again.

These innocent seeming golden arches that present the promise of greasy goodness rob you at your most vulnerable self- when you’re hungry. When you firmly believe that you can get a decent burger under Rs 40 and you decide to indulge in fries and a soda is when you know you’ve been played. Have you ever wondered what makes McDonald’s such a profitable organization? It’s obviously not to do with the fact that they serve high quality meat, bread and cheese to the public at affordable prices , but it’s to do with the fact that they make all their money from their very popular side dishes.

The unsuspecting middle class chooses to buy those divine salty cuts of crispy potato that costs them Rs 60 and we’re talking about the smallest size sans the tax! The smallest size of fries alone costs almost 30 rupees more than your average burger and pizza mcpuff. Then comes the icy cold soda that beckons to be glugged to digest that grease – a sensation that comes with a price, burning the pocket priced at Rs 55 a glass.

So , the next time you go to McDonald’s, be more observant and get that economic sense we humans are known for to start working. Most importantly, lay off those fries and get another burger instead!

Anahita Sahu

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