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No Shave November: Beyond the clichés

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Come November, gone are the days of shaving, trimming, and styling body hair. The No Shave November campaign is infamous amongst men for being an opportunity to let their beards flow. There is, however, a lot more to the campaign than just unruly facial here:

Spreading Awareness

Yes, the month is not merely about growing lumberjack – like beards. Its aim is to grow awareness by getting people to embrace their body hair, which many cancer patients lose. It’s a yearly regime to raise awareness about various cancers affecting men, including testicular and prostate cancer.


Another way this campaign aims to help is to get people to donate the money they’d usually spend on shaving or grooming.  These funds are used to educate others about cancer prevention, to save lives and to aid those fighting the battle against the disease.

Not just for men

The main idea is to spread awareness and donate money. However, our patriarchal society stigmatises women for having body hair and thus they are not usually seen as a part of the programme, but women, and non-binary people can also participate and contribute.

More than just growing manly stubble

The campaign isn’t just limited to facial hair. Since cancer patients often lose other body hair as well, the ‘no-shave’ rule extends to beyond your face as well.

It’s important for the success of these campaigns for general masses to be more aware of their motivations.  So, let the game of men and women begin to transform the humanity.

Image credits: Flipkart Stories

With inputs from no-shave.org

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