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The Department of Commerce, LSR organises Comquest’16- Annual International Academic Meet

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Going by its long history and tradition of over 20 years, Comquest- the Annual International Academic Meet of the Department of Commerce, Lady Shri Ram College, had proved its mettle once again with incredible events, prizes and not to forget the much appreciated hospitality from 20th to 22nd October, 2016.

Fin-o-lution, the opening event of the fest marked the participation of 18 teams. A one of a kind event, wherein the participants had to form a hospital using the items listed in the auction. It was an experience that involved the use of strategic planning and intelligence. Judged by Pranav Puliani, Sr. Manager Corporate Finance and Abhay Chandalia, Chartered Accountant, the second round asked the contenders to develop an app based on ‘Fintech’, under which they had to present their business plan. The team from CBS, Japneet Singh and Abhinav Bansal stole the show by grabbing the first prize followed by an LSR team.

An outcry mock stock, Bullion was powered by the BSE Institute. With a massive number of 40 teams participating, the competitors teleported to a time back in history where buyers and sellers used to shout out loud to trade. The two session event involved hustle and bustle with participation reaching out to the company counters to trade. Pulkit and Utkarsh from DTU bagged the first prize followed by Pranjal and Meenal from Xavier’s Jaipur.


An intriguing and mind-boggling business quiz, Mind-benders attracted students in large numbers. With initial prelims, followed by the main round and a tie-breaker in the last, Ravtej and Harshvardhan from CBS got the first prize to their name. The rounds were direct, bounce and pounce and long connect.

The speaker session presented amazing speakers in front of the audience, one of them being Ashwani Lohani, Chairman & Managing Director of Air India. Sharing his personal experience, he told how he turned around various organizations, due to which he was chosen to work for Air India. Focusing on the role of human capital and specifically the top management, he briefed the way he was able to manage to get the New Delhi Railway Station cleaned before the Common Wealth Games.

Manan Vyas, the co-founder of ‘The Economist’ enlightened the students about Product Management. He explained in detail as to how to start an e-commerce business with the importance of acquiring and giving your best service to the first customer. The other speakers included Rakesh Sharma, Rajani Seshadri, Anuj Agarwal to name a few.

Events spawning over this period, enlivened the campus with a wonderful vibe in the air.

The second day witnessed the flagship event Board v/s CXO Risk Simulation powered by GRMI. Over 30 participants presented a strategic solution to a pre-provided case study in front of renowned judges including Chetan Mathur- Pepsico and Aloke Malik, former MD ESPN Star Sports to name a few. The game grilled the competitors with grueling challenges and finally the team from St. Xavier’s Kolkata bagged the drool worthy first prize.


Vortrag, the Paper Presentation competition observed contenders from Nepal, Bhutan, Bangalore and of course Delhi. With students trying their best to prove themselves, the riveting event reflected the hard work and intellect they had put in it.

Finally, on the closing day, the events included Monopoly, the board game of buying countries and accumulating wealth that we have all played young. Fun and engaging, a team of Xavier’s again grabbed the first prize. The Committee Simulation came out as one of the most intellectual events deliberating and discussing about the agenda ‘Transitions risk and impacts from deep globalization to de-globalisation.” Somya Sharma from LSR was awarded the title of the Best Delegate.

The three day festivity ended successfully with overwhelmed participants, organizers and yes, the onlookers too. The all put in effort paid off with wider reach, greater number of participants and events and larger rewards. And yes, Comquest definitely was bigger and better this time!

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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