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Six reasons to give Netflix India a chance!

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While the Indian rendition may lack our much-loved classics such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and How I Met Your Mother, Netflix has plenty more to offer!

With multiple additions in the past two months, the ingenious online library of Netflix boasts of a wide range of TV shows, documentaries and movies! So turn off that phone, cancel your Saturday night plans, lay back and grab that one month free membership- we give you 6 reasons why we shouldn’t give up on our very own Netflix just yet.

  1. For all those Marvel fans out there, not only can you find the first season of Jessica Jones with the feisty Ritter, but you can also explore the dark shadows ofDaredevil’s Additional titles include Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Marvel’s game changing series, Defenders.


  1. For all the culinary enthusiasts whose deepest desire is to live on the Food Network with Guy Fieri and Bobby Flay, Netflix offers an exciting alternative. With a new documentary series that traces the lives of individuals who’ve made a real difference in the food industry, Chef’s Tableand its extension Chef’s Table : France , Netflix gives you a chance to discover picturesque locations and exotic cuisines. Kicking off with Massimo’s, Osteria Francescana, the third best restaurant in the world, it breathes everything that Indian culinary shows lack- good lighting, presentation and attractive studios.


  1. Netflix’s Originals cater to all genres – so whether you are looking for shows that are unique, exhilarating, pacey, thrilling, emotional, humorous or just the perfect mixture of bitter sweet, Netflix has got you covered. With the edgy Narcos and Making a Murdereror the Beasts Of No Nationthat pulls at our heartstrings, the Originals definitely have the potential to occupy those lazy Sundays.


  1. In addition to these TV shows, we can also avail a variety of crime and entertainment documentaries. Whether it is the highly sensationaliSed case of Amanda Knox, the American in Italy accused of murdering her roommate or films documenting the lives of icons like Frank Sinatra, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse and Gregory Peck, we can get it all.


  1. We all know the pivotal role that humour plays in our lives and Netflix understands our need for simple, plain-old downright , no-frills comedy. With Aziz Ansari’s very lovable Master Of None, the hilarious antics of Andy Samberg’s (yes it the man who created Lonely Island) Brooklyn Nine Nine and Russel Peter’s Almost Famous– it is a goldmine of sarcastic, forthright humour. This is also your golden chance to watch the critically acclaimed sardonic yet relatable series, Bojack Horseman. So what you waiting for folks, get on that bandwagon now!


  1. Last but not the least; giving into the clichés of clichés, it features the iconic, cult classic, The Breakfast Club. Talk about taste!

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By Anahita Sahu


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