Making Traffic Smarter: Innovation Project 2016 by Shri Ram College of Commerce

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Students of SRCC are evaluating the factors that influence the acceptability of Smart Bus Transport System under DU’s Innovation Project.

A group of students from Shri Ram College Of Commerce are working on an evaluation of acceptability of Internet Of Things (IoT) in traffic management in Delhi. The concept of Internet Of Things primarily revolves around inter-connecting things with internet to make a self-sustaining system. It is a concept well explored in other countries, but the widespread use of IoT in handling day-to-day problems is still in its nascent stage in India.

To help you understand better, there exists a technology where closets are fitted with sensors, which detect the time certain clothes remain unused, and alert the owner of the same. Some variations in this technology also directly contact NGOs that collect these unused clothes from the owner and put them to better use. This is just an example of the innumerable IoT applications that exist around the world.


This project primarily focuses on IoT technology applied to traffic management in Delhi, and thus, evaluates the Smart Bus Transport system on its acceptability, based on a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The Smart Bus Transport system was designed for improving the public-transit system in Singapore, and connects buses with the internet and commuters’ mobile devices, so that real-time alerts of bus locations, timings and remaining capacity can be transmitted to make travel by public transport more efficient and convenient.

Therefore, a preliminary survey was conducted to identify a traffic problem which the residents and commuters in Delhi would like to be addressed first by an application of IoT. The final survey will be carried out on the lines of TAM. The data generated will then, be subjected to vigorous statistical analysis.

Resident of Delhi? Be a part of the survey. Click on https://innovationproject.typeform.com/to/Pb0TMt and tell them your take on the Internet of Things.

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