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Sex Amma: Novice to physical intimacy

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Feel guilty about having sex? Amma tells you how to move past it.

Sex Amma, I have found the man I love but I’m new to these experiences of sexual relations. But somewhere I feel a bit guilty of having sex due to the social taboos relating to sex. What should I do Amma?

My darling idli, worry not! Amma understands this feeling of guilt all too well and has been familiar with it from before she discovered the delights of sex. Remember that it is only our society that makes you feel this way. It is not unusual to feel that having sex is immoral, especially in a country like ours. But you are not doing anything wrong. It is only natural (and pleasurable) to explore each others’ bodies sensually. If you are sure that you want to be with this man, then go ahead! Your college days are when you enjoy the most – Amma definitely did! The guilt will decrease with time as you take charge of your own body, and the sensations will overpower arbitrary social taboos, as they should!

But in the heat of the moment, don’t forget to be safe! If you are new to such experiences, always remember the importance of condoms. And while you’re at it, Amma recommends investing in products that will enhance your relations even further. Heat up things with dosa in the bedroom to ensure you have a fulfilling experience every time you decide to get your chutneys flowing.

At the end of the day, what matters most is your well-being, both physical and mental. Amma hopes that eventually, a country with a growing youth population would not look down upon you for having sex – and neither should you. Embrace your sexuality, and make the most of it!

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