ABVP to Fly Students to Mumbai for the Coldplay Concert

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To get a chance at winning the coveted Coldplay concert tickets, contact [email protected].
Having been elected to three of the four seats that constitute the DUSU panel, ABVP has decided to carry out a gesture of gratitude towards the students of Delhi University. The party will distribute 100 tickets to the Coldplay concert to be held in Mumbai in November. However, that’s not all. The party will also fund the travel and accommodation expenses of these lucky students.

Wondering how these 100 are to be selected? Firstly, bad luck for those who haven’t voted for ABVP. In order to be selected, one has to email a picture or a link to a post to substantiate that they’ve voted for the party. In order to explain this hazy guideline, ABVP spokesperson Hirana Kamar has said, “Interested students have to email a picture or a link to a post to prove that they’ve voted for ABVP. It could be anything from a picture of a student wearing an ABVP t-shirt prior to the elections or a facebook post that the student had posted earlier, advocating their support for the party.” The email can be sent at [email protected].

The party has decided to take this move to rebuff accusations that they only give away freebies before the elections to lure students to vote for them. Wondering how they’re collecting the funds for this expedition? Well, most of the Coldplay concert tickets are free! People are required to undertake some sort of community work backed by NGOs to get them. So, ABVP workers will themselves carry out community work so as to earn the coveted tickets. Like ABVP party worker, Mameha Nagari had earlier declared, the party works for #girlpower and not #musclepower. So, they will be helping a NGO called “Naari Shakti” that supports women students who’ve been harassed by party workers during elections. Additionally, they will also be working with rag-pickers by helping them clean up the campus and subsequently collect income for them.

As for the travel and accommodation costs, the party will be paying for them by using a fraction of the funds that they’ve saved up this year by adhering to the Lyngdoh Commission which states the maximum permitted expenditure for each candidate as Rs. 5000.

According to DUSU President, Amar Tripathi, “We are not a party that attracts votes before elections by bribing students. We do not make hollow promises, but actually materialise them. This is just a tiny gesture of gratitude towards our voters. We do not believe in alienating them from University politics after the elections are over.”

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