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Relevance of the Student Union

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As the elections inch closer and the level of chaos, cacophony and flyers only rise, a lot of you will find yourself asking this question – Why do we even have elections? While your question is entirely justified given the situations that arise every election season; disruption of classes, blind and unmindful wastage of paper and the rising decibel levels, having a student union has its own benefits.

The Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) was established early on as a representative body whose aim was to highlight and protect students’ interests. It is one of the largest student political bodies in the country.

While DUSU might come with its fair share of problems, as a student of Delhi University, I am extremely appreciative of having a body like this in place. Having a union in place makes it easier for students to raise their voices against the unfair practices and issues faced by them in colleges. A huge win for the collective political system of Delhi University in recent history has been the rollback of the FYUP system.

Moreover, a functioning union also helps in bridging the gap between the faculty and students. These benefits don’t just apply to DUSU but to the individual college unions as well. Just last semester, mid-semester exams in SGTB Khalsa College were postponed due to the collective efforts of the college union and, pleas and uproar from the students.

Many colleges around the country do not have any union in place and are restricted from forming any.
For raising issues and to protect the welfare of the students, a well performing union is a must for any college and is a huge part of the whole experience of being a student. Though, one is forced to wish if only it came with a little less chaos!

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Akshara Srivastava
[email protected]

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