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Insights and ideas: What to do when it rains?

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Delhi has been experiencing a lot of rain lately. For some people, it has only brought inconvenience along with it. Yet there are others who have no qualms about getting drenched in the rain, getting their footwear dirty, or their clothes wet. They are the rain lovers!

Rain, no matter how unwelcome it may seem to some, is very dear to many. It is beautiful to see the sky pouring down the purest of drops to change the harshest temperatures.  The rain lovers have unique and sometimes inexplicable reasons for loving rain. Whenever it rains, they have oodles of ideas to make the most of it.
Following are some of the things rain lovers do when it rains. Those who would want to join their league, can try the following:

1. Enjoy the scenes

Some people love rain, but only from a distance. If you are apprehensive of getting too excited in the rain, appreciate it from a distance. Take charge of a window, a safe corner outside your residence, or even an umbrella with a comfortable pair of shoes will help you a lot. Once you are ready, behold the beauty!

Enjoy the scenes

2. Abandon the umbrella

“What’s in an umbrella?”
Most of those who cherish rains are too bold for umbrellas. You will watch them walking calmly right next to a bunch of people trying to fit under the limited available umbrellas. Rain is not harmful for them. They love to feel it touch them. Being anti-umbrella is being pro nature and definitely, pro rain.
If you wish to enjoy rains, don’t wait outside your classrooms or in the foyers for the rains to stop. Take that leap of love, walk boldly and slowly in the rain and feel one with nature.
Disclaimer: Figure out a way to protect your books in this process.

Abandon the Umbrella

3. A thinking mind and a sheet of paper

For some reason, rain makes you delve deep into everything. It makes you imagine and think about beautiful concepts and emotions. Rain is a stimulant for a lot of stories. Grab yourself a sheet of paper and pour down your thoughts while the sky is pouring along.

Thinking mind

4. Food and rain

Rain can be absolutely irrelevant without food. A lot of people take to thadi (small tea shops) and enjoy looking at people with their hot cup of chai. Some take to cooking hot parathas, or pakoday. A hot cup of coffee is too obvious to mention.

Food and Rain

5. Plan an event!

There are people for whom rain is an event. A celebration!
They would curse you if you don’t tell them it was raining. Abandoning sleep won’t be an issue, neither is a good hairstyle! They would rush out when they hear the noise of the rain falling. They will take the most prominent space in some lawn, a terrace or even crazier- a road, and feel it!
Next time you want to enjoy the rain, just step out fearlessly. Stay right there and you will find good and deep feelings rekindling.


6. Some ideas borrowed from recent scenes and encounters

Go out with your significant other and take a long walk. Pair it up with some good music and you are good to go. Don’t forget to hold hands, because the rain just seeps in and both of you end up sharing the drops.

Play loud music on the terrace of your house, flat or PG and call friends over. Then start dancing. It gets that simple.

Generous friends will volunteer to click you some #RainGoals pictures too. Try being a bit dramatic, if you fail, don’t worry. The rain has got your back.

Choose to ride a cycle, or a bike or scooty to feel the rain and wind on your face.

Write a new song, or sing along to one.

Tee hee!

Featured image credits: Shiwani Mundiya

Tooba Towfiq

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[email protected] ; A workaholic, she speaks and works towards an honest world with no masks. She can theorize a peanut butter in the most startling of ways. Rain is her stimulant for all creative beats. Passionate like Bertha Mason, work OCD is synonymous to her. Loving all, thinking, anchoring, writing and eating are her favorite pass times. You can find her hanging out alone at Basketball Courts, Metro Stations and Bus Stops.

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