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Perks Of Being An Outstation Student

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Delhi University has a vast majority of outstation students and we see a lot of them doing exceedingly well in various fields and making the best of their college lives. Of course, not being a local surely does have some drawbacks such as missing home-cooked food but once the homesickness subsides and university life becomes more exciting, many obvious perks of being an outstation kid begin to surface:

1. Living on Campus

The most obvious perk is being given the opportunity to apply to college and university hostels even if you don’t live in them (most students prefer apartments and PGs in close proximity to their respective colleges). Not only do they not have to waste their time in a metro to reach college, but staying on campus ensures a more wholesome university experience. As the years pass on, they become experts on university hotspots, whether it be knowing the best golgappa waala in the area or the cheapest bookstore around.

2. Journey back home is no less than a holiday

The beautiful train journeys across lush green agricultural fields, morning faces of industrial towns with workers returning from night shifts, hopeful faces at every crossing- your journey back home is an exclusive holiday experience that you enjoy at least twice every year.

3. Getting to be a part of regional societies in college

Most colleges have regional societies which consist of all the students of your home state under a single roof. Joining them gives you exclusive access to seniors and even teachers who are from your region. Be it a hunt for your regional delicacy in the capital, celebration of regional festivals or gossip about local politics back home, these friends are always like your second family in college. Visiting a state bhavan with them to munch on your favourite dishes is a must.

4. Studying/ Vacationing

For many outstation students, coming to Delhi for college also means a chance to explore a buzzing metropolis. With numerous monuments, shopping malls, restaurants and nightclubs, most weekends are usually always packed with plans. Whether it’s trying ice-paan in Connaught Place or shopping in Dilli Haat, there is always something new to try and some new place to visit. This is refreshing, as hometown sights have begun to grow on you over the years, and your eyes have wanted more.

5. Your First Hand experience enriches classroom discussions

Every time a topic related to your state pops up, you are always there to offer a realistic and regional opinion which would enrich the discussions as well. It is also a nice means of letting others know how people of your state think and what they believe in. No doubt whenever someone from your class or PG travels to your state for the first time, he/she comes to you for expert advice before the trip.

6. Being independent

Setting off to a new place to study obviously means taking charge of your own life. Starting small by learning how to cook or do your laundry, you also have to take charge of your finances and use them judiciously. For every scared parent with their “Delhi isn’t safe, beta” views, you also have to ensure your safety while trying to enjoy responsibly. Being independent brings forth your maturity and at the end of your DU tenure, most of you will definitely be Life Smart!
All in all, at the end of three years, you end up having two homes. Albeit only a three year stop for most outstation kids, Delhi will always feel like a welcoming abode filled with college memories.

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