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An Out-Stationed Fresher’s Guide to the ‘Unfamiliar’ Phase

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The definition of college life is almost different for all out-stationed students. While the unfamiliar path seems challenging and exciting, at the same time, a feeling of constant anxiety paves the way for confusion. Amidst the tiresome admission process, there’s a sudden realization that a completely distinct world awaits us for good. Thus, given below is a guide to help you step effectively out of your comfort zone, while preparing you for the same: 

1. Prepare yourself mentally

Not only school is over, but so is the ease and comfort of staying at home, pampered by the affection of your family members. Prepare your mind to accept the fact that life’s going to be different, in both good ways and bad. While you’ll no longer get to see your family everyday or get organized facilities exactly on time, you’ll get a chance to explore your being. Remember not to expect much out of the upcoming stage, yet be open enough to try, learn and develop new things.

2. Find a suitable accommodation

While you’re away from your loved ones, your new and temporary accommodation becomes your second home. Eventually, the roommates or new friends that you make prove to be your new family away from home. Be it a hostel, PG accommodation or rented flat, remember to choose wisely. Atmosphere matters more than space. The ambience should be secure, positive and welcoming, so that you don’t feel out of place at any point of time.

3. Pack wisely

One of the most important steps is to efficiently choose the most apt resources. Frequently used fancy stuff may lure you to an extent, but remember to carry only the important clothes, gadgets, utensils and equipment. Be extremely selective while analyzing your necessities. This will help reduce the weight of the luggage carried and also make your room seem less crowded. Casual clothing, basic gadgets and equipment should work well in this case.

4. Explore and Interact

This new life brings along with it a lot of freedom. It’s imperative to use it in a way that helps you develop. While you’re in a completely new place, free from old mistakes and judgments, give yourself another chance to do everything you wanted to. College is a perfect platform for showcasing and enhancing your skills. Initiate conversations with new friends and participate in the activities that interest you, as it will only help you achieve more confidence. Also, explore the places around and keep essential and day to day contacts handy. You’ll have ample time to discover places of necessity as well as those of enjoyment. Utilize it to the fullest.

5. Learn to adjust

The most important step is of learning how to settle and get used to the unfamiliar environment. Staying alone may seem to be hard at times, but is essential for your progress. There might be days when you would want to run back home, but it won’t last long. Be prepared for few penniless days, unexpected adventures and lifelong lessons. Patience and adjustment is the key to make these three years of your graduation the best ones in life!

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