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DU Admissions’16: Admission through Sports Quota

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University of Delhi (DU) is famous for its high cut-offs but, meeting cut-offs is not the only way to secure admission. DU not only admits meritorious students but, physically proficient individuals as well. Hence, to promote and nurture country’s sportspersons, DU provides Sports Quota in its admissions in Undergraduate Programme.

The University has notified each and every college to display on their websites and notice boards information regarding the number of seats under Sports Quota along with the positions/events for various Sports/Games that sportspersons will be tried for. This information has been provided well in-advance of the beginning of the regular UG admission procedure. The issue and receipt of applications/forms will be done from 1st June to 19th June, 2016. It is important for aspirants to fill the college-level form before appearing for the fitness tests and fitness trials. Given below are the important pointers for the admission under Sports Quota!

1. The registration of candidates seeking admission under Sports category is through the same UG admission portal.

2. In the Sports section, the applicant needs to mention if the application is to be considered under Sport’s Category. The applicant can opt to apply for more than one sport if the applicant is eligible. The applicant needs to save the details and continues to choose the next sport, if applicable, or else proceed to the next section.

3. Self attested copy of Sport Certificate(s) for last three years (The level of distinction of certificates will be determined from 1st April, 2013 to 31st March, 2016.) to be uploaded with the application form.

4. Registration Fee for Sports Quota is Rs. 100/- (Additional, Non-refundable).

5. The Colleges will be conducting video-graphed Fitness Test and Sports Trials for a specific Sport/Game identified by Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC). The candidates should keep checking the notifications issued by the colleges and University on their Website for the specific date and time of the trials and tests. The image below indicates the Fitness Test details:

6. If a candidate has opted for more than one Sports/Game and has qualified the Fitness Test in a particular college must be issued a Fitness Certificate by the college concerned in the given format. This certificate will be accepted by the other colleges.

NOTE: It is essential for the candidate to qualify any one of the following Fitness Test items for consideration of admission in Archery, Chess and Shooting, and any two of the following Fitness Test items for consideration of admission in other Games/Sports as per the standards laid down by the University.

Fitness Test

7. Maximum 50 Marks are for Sports Trials which include skill test, game performance test, game specific fitness, and fundamentals of the game / sport etc. Out of which minimum 25 marks are required to be obtained by the candidate in the Sports Trials to be eligible for admission on the basis of Sports. The image below indicates the marking criteria of certificates:

Marking certificate

8. Evaluation and Marking of sports certificates and screening of application shall be done by the technical hands of Sports Admission Committee of the college.

9. The candidate should have been active in the sport recognized by IOA and AIU for the past three years. Preference will be given to sports in which Inter-College and Inter-University Events are held.

10. If the candidate clears the trials, his/her name will be displayed on the college website for three days to address any grievances, after which the student will be required to submit an undertaking on judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- declaring that he/she shall play for the University during the course of their undergraduate study.

Super Category: Direct Admission without Sports Trials

The sportspersons who have participated/represented the country in the following competitions skip all the sports trial and test steps and are directly admitted to any college they apply to.

  • Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee
  • World Championships under International Sports Federations (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia
  • Asian Championships under International Sports Federations (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games and Afro-Asian Games(IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Paralympic Games (IOC/IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)

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