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The University of Delhi has various colleges providing a number of different sports through which students can grab a seat (sports quota). With upcoming sports trials for those who seek this sports quota, the varsity will open its gates for students to show their mettle in their respective sports. Here we will introduce the most sought-after sports in Delhi University.


  1. Archery


For all the toxophilites, this sport is not only about using a bow and arrow and taking an aim but is a competitive sport that requires skill, precision, focus, control and determination. The various colleges of the varsity aim to hone these skills in the students and provide them with opportunities to take it further.


  1. Athletics

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It comprises of various track and field events which include various competitions in running, jumping, throwing and walking events. Delhi University boasts of one of a kind training provided in athletics with almost 39 colleges providing seats for students.


  1. Badminton


With its history rooted in India, when British Army Officers learned a competitive sport called poona and brought it to England, badminton has come a long way and evolved into a highly competitive sport. It is a lawn game which requires a lightweight racket and a shuttlecock.


  1. Basketball


A team sport comprising of five players on each side, basketball is known for its speed, skill, shots, manoeuvres, etc. It has gained rapid popularity and become one of the world’s most viewed sport. Delhi University holds various tournaments and allows maximum participation of students so as to hone their skills.


  1. Boxing

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This sport consists of two people matched in the same weight and ability landing blows with their fists at each other and simultaneously avoiding the punches of the opponents. The boxer wears a padded glove and whoever outscores the opponent or renders him incapable of continuing wins the match.


  1. Cricket

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Comprising of two competing sides of 11 players each, cricket is the most loved sport in the Indian sub-continent. It is observed with an unmatched fervour. This game requires a bat and ball, two sets of three wickets and an umpire to monitor the game.


  1. Football

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It is a team sport where the competing teams try to control the ball and score points by putting it in the opposition’s goalpost. The ball is handled using any part of the body except for the arms and hands. The team that scores most goals wins.


  1. Hockey


Field hockey involves competing for sides using a distinguished hockey stick to manoeuvre the ball or puck into the opponent’s goal. Only a goalkeeper is allowed to use his body to stop the ball whereas the other players have to strictly use the hockey stick.


  1. Volleyball


With six players on each side, players use their hands to volley the ball back and forth over a high net. Whoever allows the ball to touch their court concedes a point to the opposite team. It can be played both indoor and outdoor and requires a minimum of equipment.


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Antriksha Pathania
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More than 50 students were barred from taking fitness tests and trials on the very first day of Delhi University admissions under the sports quota. According to the students, they were informed that their sports certificates were not found eligible enough after being scanned.

Kaiser Rufai, the father of one such candidates told Hindustan Times, “We were never informed that we had been rejected. If the certificates were not correct then how were the forms accepted? The university should keep in mind that there are a lot of outstation candidates were going to turn up for the trials.” According to sources, this case has happened for the first time in DU. Anupam Manglik, another student from Pitampura said, “I wanted to appear for the football trials. I have all the required certificates, like my teammates. They were selected, while the list deemed me as ineligible.”

Following this incident, National Student Union of India (NSUI) staged a protest and also submitted an application to the sports officials.

The sports authorities, however, denied all the blame. They specified that the applicants were expected to check their online application dashboard, where results had been displayed. As told by C.S. Dubey, Director of DU sports council, over a phone call with our correspondent, “The admission system this time, has undergone various improvements and has exhibited total transparency. The online dashboard clearly mentions the certificate marks allotted to the respective candidates. Further, the certificates were analysed and verified thrice and proper time was provided for addressing grievances. Around 500 grievances have been addressed, out of a total of 10,000 applications. 4000 certificates also found to be invalid.”

Delhi University began with its fitness tests and trials on June 24. They will continue till July 2.

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Lovleen Kaur

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With the newly introduced centralised trials system in place, the varsity will begin sports category trials from 24 June 2016. The decision was taken at a meeting of the varsity administration on Monday. Amidst foul cry by authorities, St Stephen’s college rejected the call to join the process and went on to begin its trials on Monday under the observation of a DU official.

This year, on the directions of the High Court, a centralised system has been put in place to do away with multiple rounds of trials and avoid malpractices. Trials of different sports will happen at designated colleges and certificates thus issued will be accepted by all the colleges.

In order to be eligible for the main trials, candidates need to have cleared fitness tests prescribed by the Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC). The main trials carry a weightage of 50 percent in the overall assessment process which has others criterions like accolades at district, state, national and international events and performance in the last three years.

This year, the university has received 9,780 applications for admissions under the sports category. With less than three days to go, the time crunch is sure to put many outstation aspirants in a fix.

Sports Trial schedule that has been released by the varsity is as following:

  1. Basketball (Venue: IPCW), Cricket (Women; Lakshmibai College), Aquatics (LSR), Tennis (Women; LSR), Squash (Sri Venkateswara College), Cricket (Men,University Ground) will happen on 24th June;
  2. Boxing (Dyal Singh College), Shooting (Hansraj College), Archery (Hansraj College), Hockey (Men; Shyam Lal College), Football (Men; Moti Lal Nehru College), Volleyball (M; PGDAV College) on 25th June;
  3. Tennis (Men; University Pologround), Football (Women; Kamla Nehru College), Hockey (Women; Shyama Prasad Mukherji College) and Basketball (Men, University Pologround) on 27th June;
  4. Athletics (University Pologround) on 28th June;
  5. Wrestling (Chhatrasal Stadium) on 29th June;
  6. Kho-Kho (Women; Satyawati College) on 30th June;
  7. Kho-Kho (Men, Satyawati College) on 1st July;
  8. Softball (Men, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College) on 2nd July

For the complete schedule, visit the notification on DU’s website.

Candidates are to report 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of fitness tests and sports trials.

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Sidharth Yadav

[email protected]

University of Delhi (DU) is famous for its high cut-offs but, meeting cut-offs is not the only way to secure admission. DU not only admits meritorious students but, physically proficient individuals as well. Hence, to promote and nurture country’s sportspersons, DU provides Sports Quota in its admissions in Undergraduate Programme.

The University has notified each and every college to display on their websites and notice boards information regarding the number of seats under Sports Quota along with the positions/events for various Sports/Games that sportspersons will be tried for. This information has been provided well in-advance of the beginning of the regular UG admission procedure. The issue and receipt of applications/forms will be done from 1st June to 19th June, 2016. It is important for aspirants to fill the college-level form before appearing for the fitness tests and fitness trials. Given below are the important pointers for the admission under Sports Quota!

1. The registration of candidates seeking admission under Sports category is through the same UG admission portal.

2. In the Sports section, the applicant needs to mention if the application is to be considered under Sport’s Category. The applicant can opt to apply for more than one sport if the applicant is eligible. The applicant needs to save the details and continues to choose the next sport, if applicable, or else proceed to the next section.

3. Self attested copy of Sport Certificate(s) for last three years (The level of distinction of certificates will be determined from 1st April, 2013 to 31st March, 2016.) to be uploaded with the application form.

4. Registration Fee for Sports Quota is Rs. 100/- (Additional, Non-refundable).

5. The Colleges will be conducting video-graphed Fitness Test and Sports Trials for a specific Sport/Game identified by Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC). The candidates should keep checking the notifications issued by the colleges and University on their Website for the specific date and time of the trials and tests. The image below indicates the Fitness Test details:

6. If a candidate has opted for more than one Sports/Game and has qualified the Fitness Test in a particular college must be issued a Fitness Certificate by the college concerned in the given format. This certificate will be accepted by the other colleges.

NOTE: It is essential for the candidate to qualify any one of the following Fitness Test items for consideration of admission in Archery, Chess and Shooting, and any two of the following Fitness Test items for consideration of admission in other Games/Sports as per the standards laid down by the University.

Fitness Test

7. Maximum 50 Marks are for Sports Trials which include skill test, game performance test, game specific fitness, and fundamentals of the game / sport etc. Out of which minimum 25 marks are required to be obtained by the candidate in the Sports Trials to be eligible for admission on the basis of Sports. The image below indicates the marking criteria of certificates:

Marking certificate

8. Evaluation and Marking of sports certificates and screening of application shall be done by the technical hands of Sports Admission Committee of the college.

9. The candidate should have been active in the sport recognized by IOA and AIU for the past three years. Preference will be given to sports in which Inter-College and Inter-University Events are held.

10. If the candidate clears the trials, his/her name will be displayed on the college website for three days to address any grievances, after which the student will be required to submit an undertaking on judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/- declaring that he/she shall play for the University during the course of their undergraduate study.

Super Category: Direct Admission without Sports Trials

The sportspersons who have participated/represented the country in the following competitions skip all the sports trial and test steps and are directly admitted to any college they apply to.

  • Olympic Games by International Olympic Committee
  • World Championships under International Sports Federations (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia
  • Asian Championships under International Sports Federations (IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Commonwealth Games, S.A.F. Games and Afro-Asian Games(IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)
  • Paralympic Games (IOC/IOA and / or MYAS recognized / affiliated Games)

For more information, check the following links: http://ug.du.ac.in/site_files/UG_Bulletin.pdfhttp://www.ug.du.ac.in/app2/

Nidhi Panchal 

[email protected]

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At Hindu College


Admissions are probably the most chaotic time of the year for DU, well maybe they’ve taken a back-seat to the ever-controversial semester system, but they remain a prominently harrowing process nevertheless. With the fake-caste certificate scam and the Ramjas admission racket, the quota entry into DU is eyed with much suspicion. The sports quota is perhaps no exception.

However this year, the sports quota admissions at Delhi University apart from being decentralized, were also based on equal weightage for a candidate’s certificates and trial performance, unlike last year’s 75-25 ratio, which people tried to exploit through fake National and Zonal certificates.

“When there was no marking system, there was a possibility of manipulating the coach or team to get in. Even last year, students manipulated the marking system by getting fake certificates to satisfy the 75% weightage given to certificates. But this year, with the 50-50 weightage given to certificates and field trial, there is complete transparency. A lot of colleges, including ours, are videotaping the trials to be able to address any grievances later.” said Mr. Narendra Gaur, HOD Physical Education, Sri Venkateswara College.

As per the fresh guidelines notified by DU, the trials were conducted by a panel of representatives from the University Sports Council and an observer from the University Vice-Chancellor’s office. A physical fitness test preceded the trials and only shortlisted candidates are allowed to compete.

“Last year’s centralized sports trials caused a lot of hue and cry. But the system this year was very transparent. There was a check on colleges as the Sports Quota Admission Committee of each college was headed by the principal and also included sports experts from a confidential university-approved list. There was absolutely no possibility of any nexus between a student and the experts.” said Dr. Meera Sood, Secretary of Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC) about Sports Quota admissions this year.

Having changed the Sports Quota admission process two years in a row, DU seems determined to rule out any possibility of foul-play when it comes to quotas. “A few years back it was possible to get in through sports quota if you knew someone on the team, as the coach along with the team would take the trials. Obviously we never take bad players, since we have to play with them as a team, but it was a possibility all the same, and has perhaps even happened before. But with the new system, there’s no such chance, because the trials are supervised by experts from SAI (Sports Authority of India)”, said two members of the Hansraj and Hindu basketball teams.


Garima Verma
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