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Applied Psychology Student, Sadiq Mobeen makes it to WSEN Global Summit

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sadiq pic Sadiq Mobeen[/caption] Based on the significant work of student volunteers from around the planet, the WSEN has been alive for the past 6 years through its online platforms and especially its energising student-led annual event, the WSEN Global Summit (known till 2013 as World Student Environmental Summit – WSES). Organised each year by students for students at a different university in a different country, this Summit represents so far the core activity and impact of the WSEN. Each time, supported by the International Committee (previous Summit organisers and volunteers and representatives of the General Assemblies), the local student organisers welcome for a week, delegations of students from 30 to 40 universities of the WSEN network, to discuss thoroughly and plan local sustainability projects at universities and beyond . This year, around 65 countries are participating  all around the world; and from India, Integral University, Lucknow , Aligarh Muslim University , Indian Institute of Management Culcutta, and now, owing to Sadiq, Delhi University has also made it to the prestigious summit. Sadiq Mobeen says, “For the selection process, we have to first mail to the organizers. After this, they would ask about a Professor’s recommendation and then they send details to the recommending Professor. Next, we have to write 5 essays about our work in the University and then, finally, a Skype interview.” Excited regarding the prospects of the summit, he adds, “I am going to present a presentation on the topic sustainability regarding my awareness of the slum areas near the South Campus, and how environmental psychology would help in maintaining the sustainability.   Shreya Srivastava [email protected]]]>

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