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Reasons why one must learn a new language

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With the world becoming increasingly homogeneous and ‘Pop Culture’ words taking over, there is little space left for any other language to express itself.

It is also a time where knowing a language additional to your own or English can work well for your professional or recreational activities.

A different perspective

A language, foreign or local offers a deeper knowledge in culture, ideas and history of those people. For those who love to travel, language of the place you are visiting is the best thing you can carry. A conversation in the native language between people holds greater connection and meaning and helps forge trust. It makes one feel a part of something bigger and exclusive at the same time.

 Saying it right

Looking at the menu and seeing words such as Bolognese or Quesadilla give us social anxiety while ordering to the waiter, the words are usually distressed muffles or simply a finger pointing to it that implies that neither you or the waiter really know what the dish is called. It’s always impressive to pronounce the words correctly and if your language happens to be the one of your favorite cuisine, it’s even better!

Brain and Work

Learning a new language puts your brain to work. It has been proven that knowing more than one language makes you sharp, increasing your cognitive abilities and boosting your memory and attention.  It is also great for your employability, where this skill can be advantageous in securing a position or a higher pay.

It could be just the basics to sail you through on trips or the advance that helps you write, it could be self taught from the abundant tools available on the net or a more serious language course at the embassy, it could also be the sophisticated French, animated Italian or the sweet Bengali. But it’s time to invest in learning a new language and reap the many benefits it has to offer!

photo credits: queensu.ca

Shefali Bharati

[email protected]

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