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Fest madness from other side of the stage: Organising Committee and backstage preparations

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Delhi University fest season is one such phenomenon that students all over Delhi look forward to. The fame of the star nights, reputed college campuses and the crowd, are some of the reasons.

But there is a flip side to this view, the side of backstage preparations and frenzy. From the organising committee to the participating members, everyone is equally involved and occupied. The audience gets to see the flashy costumes, made up faces and the elaborate productions on stage but they miss the hours of backstage practice, the last minute panic, and those jitters right before the final team call.

Once on stage, it’s easy for the next few minutes. We do what we do best, we dance, we act, we sing. For that instant, we lose ourselves in the act, in the art and in the audience. We aren’t individuals here, we are part of a team; our identity isn’t our name but it’s the art that we give ourselves to. The madness returns after our moments on stage are past along with the nervous tension of results, sneaky assessments of rival teams and the adrenaline before the announcement.

This happens every single time, every fest and stage experience. But this isn’t even a challenge any more, because often four or five fests clash on the same day, and the teams perform in all of them! That’s when the grit of the participants really shows, their passion and commitment to their teams is inspiring.

Fest season is so much more than just a hip crowd and food for societies; it is months of hard work, dedication and competition. It’s the paycheck for their blood and sweat.

Feature Image Credits: Chirag Sharma for DU Beat!

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