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5 reasons why you should join an ECA society of your college

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Being a 3rd year student, I often look back at my college life and wonder, have I done it all? That is a question all of us ask ourselves at some point, especially when you realize that life as you know it, is going to change very soon.

In retrospect, I realize that my college life would have been incomplete without being a part of my society. So if today, someone asks me why it’s so important to be a part of an ECA society, I would probably sit them down and tell them the following:-

1. It will make or break your college experience

Being in a college society is a unique experience in its own sense, but if you can’t be seriously dedicated to it, then you might never reap its benefits either. That being said, becoming a part of a society gives you a feeling of being something more than just another student, as in this team, you have your own part to play and your own unique identity. The experience you gain with the people you meet and the colleges you visit all adds up and changes the way you have viewed life so far.

2. It helps you grow as a person in life and in your chosen field of expertise

The time spent practicing and building up your production from the scratch is the most satisfying feeling in the world. To get on the stage and show the world your art, while soaking in the applause after, gives you a high, unlike that of any drug. It boosts your confidence both on-stage and off, and leaves behind a feeling of accomplishing higher, tougher goals.

3. Hard work becomes a way of life

Along the way, you also realise that you aren’t afraid of working hard anymore. After 6-8 hours of practice every day, which is typical for dramatics and dance societies, you learn to manage your social, academic and romantic life. This means that you won’t be scared of putting in extra efforts anymore, and may in fact, even become a pro at waking up early in the mornings and always reaching on time for practices (never for lectures though!).

4. Societies will literally give you the best of friends for life, for real!

For the most part, I think I will miss the moments and memories made with all my friends and seniors. Imagine spending 6 hours a day, all week, for three years in the company of the same people and never getting bored. Under the pressure of rigorous practice and performances, you will get to know their true selves like the back of your hand, and they will get to know you the same way.

The best part is that you get to be totally free with your team and it is with them that you truly discover your crazy side, one that will surely surprise you too! You tear your walls down and share a bond so deep that you won’t be surprised if you start completing each other’s sentences. However, it is worth a mention here that you might also embark upon certain rivalries in the process, but rest assured, they will also be the most fun to act on.

5. The parties and farewells are to die for!

If you have ever heard about society farewells being the most fun parties, then you have heard it right. Along with the fun and frolic, they are also an incredibly emotional affair. The farewell speeches, gifts and ceremonies make you realize how amazing your experience has been and how much you are going to miss these days. And more so, the people!

In my personal opinion, being a part of a western dance society has truly defined my college life. It has given me irreplaceable friends, a name and a taste of accomplishing something big. So if you ever get an opportunity to audition for a society, you should definitely take a risk and go for it.
It might just be the best thing you do!

Image Credits: Divik Gupta 

Tarushi Varma

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