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Women Development Cell, JMC organises a talk on ‘Sexual harassment at workplace’

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Women Development Cell of Jesus and Mary college recently organised a talk Based on ‘Sexual harassment at workplace’ ( Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal ) Act,2013.The talk highlighted the various aspects and provision of this  act which has been adopted by Delhi university. The chief guest for the event was Mr Bharti Baweja, Ex Director of Women Development Cell, Delhi University.


Through the description of various sexual harassment cases in Delhi University, Dr Bhartiemphasized on the main causes and setbacks of the prevalent system. Conceptualizing the distinction between sex and gender she explained that the main aim of any gender is to seek harmony, respect and dignity at every possible place and time. She described the multilevel hierarchal system for legal arrangement in DU which involves College, University and Non teaching levels.


While talking about the greatest issue she faced as a part of the internal complaints committee (ICC), she said that the victims are generally hesitant to express clearly what they’ve undergone. This poses problems while implementing recommendations. She clarified that the act specifies that the complaint should be directly filed by the victim, instead of being forwarded. She therefore advised every one to be expressive about the kind of  harassment they might get subjected to. She then stressed on the whole procedure which involved various levels ranging from filing, discussion, cross examination to final recommendation which takes place within the 3 month period which may increase if the need arises.


Talking about ways of improving and preventing the harassment cases, she said, “Gender sensitization practice should involve greater participation by men.” She added that the only solution is through healthy interaction between men and women. In conclusion, she advised all the girls to be careful in the first place yet bold enough to speak up about  their issues when subjected to harassment.


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