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5 Stages We Go Through When Results are Uploaded

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It seems like another fine day – back-to-college hustle, eating that one dish you’ve been craving since last night and finally snuggling back into the comfort of your bed after a long day; till you notice the messages on WhatsApp and your newsfeed on Facebook. As per them, results are out. Yes, the results for the semester-end exams you have mixed feelings about ever since you handed your answer sheet to the examiner.

The dreadful feeling intensifies once you see the list of declared result on the official website. It’s true, the results are definitely out. The anxiety for 1st year students touches high limits as it’ll be their first statement of marks from college. While the experienced 2nd and 3rd years know, the tedious struggle of attempting to load your result has begun.

So here we’ve compiled 5 stages a DU Student goes through once their results have been uploaded:

  1. The panic – You’ve just found out that the results are out and suddenly you want to leave everything and just open the website to see your result. Suddenly you remember the incomplete question in the answer sheet, that one really stupid mistake in the paper and that last question you completely messed up. As you suddenly turn into a devotee of the god who grants good marks, you hesitantly open the website as you attempt to find your exam roll number.
  2. The anguish – This is the definitely the longest stage. Slowly, the panic subsides as the website simply fails to load or crashes.  You sit there constantly filling each field in the form only for the page to say, “Sorry! There is an error occurred. Please try later” after you spend good 25 minutes. About two hours later, you’re at least able to open the website with just a little ease. All the tension about the result has subsided by now because you just want the page to load. The struggle is real, folks.
  3. The patience test – About 10 or 20 tabs are open with the Statement of Marks link. You’re slowly entering your details in the form as the page reloads after each field. Some people give up during this stage and simply sleep off, planning to open the page tomorrow with relative ease. The remaining ones patiently stagger on. Some people manage to see their results and inform their classmates about miracle, lifting up everyone’s hopes. Your patience is tested at its peak when you click “Search Score Card” and wait for 5 nervous minutes, only to see Runtime error.
  4. The Desperation – You’ve given your Roll number to your friends or family members by now in hopes of someone managing to open your result. Procrastination sweeps in with your favourite movie or TV series latest episode as you keep altering between them and the result page. Your pockets are out of ‘care’s to give, unless you see that one tab which shows ‘untitled page’ after clicking the Search Score card button.
  5. The Result – You’ve seen it. Finally, it opened (praise the lord). Suddenly the anxiety crashes in as it takes you a good moment or two to comprehend your marks. Phone calculators come out as you quickly begin to look at your percentage. Relief, shock, sadness or surprise overcomes, depending on your marks. “Next time, I’ll start early. Sacchi,” is the mantra every student says, ever.

Shaina Ahluwalia
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[email protected] ; A keen learner, foodie and a bibliophile, she's presently pursuing Journalism honours and is a part of the Placement Cell Union of Lady Shri Ram College for Woman. Deeply inclined towards Performing arts and community service, she hopes to give back the most to these fields. Typically ambitious, she hopes to travel around the world with a journal and a soulful playlist someday.

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