DU students cycle to North Campus to support Odd-Even Formula

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Although we’re just over a week into the new year and the odd-even era, the online memes, political discussions, corny jokes regarding Mr. Kejriwal’s initiative have become an integral part of our everyday life since the initial announcement was made.

However, despite all the jokes and complaints the people of Delhi have shown remarkable cooperation with a surprisingly small list of violators on a particular day, an increase in those using public transport and people carpooling and cycling to work in order to help the Chief Minister improve Delhi’s alarmingly poor air quality.

It is with this aim that a group of students decided to cycle from their homes to Delhi University’s North Campus on the first of January 2016. Although, colleges were shut till the 4th these students decided to go for a trial run and vowed to cycle to college all year! One of the students from SRCC told a media correspondent that as a New Year Resolution he has decided to restrict the use of his vehicle to Sundays. Another student from Hindu College acknowledged the difficulties associated with the formula but went on to remind us that we have to make a start somewhere and that this is the time to do so.

Although results, in terms of air quality improvement are yet to show, there seems to be no shortage of support from Delhi’s residents. Students of both DU and JNU are actively participating in making the lives of commuters easier whether it be designing mobile applications or setting up kiosks to provide people with information and encourage them to cycle, carpool or use public transport.  With the fifteen-day trial period slowly coming to an end, the support of Delhi’s residents will be integral in determining whether or not the formula is here to stay.

Image Credits: The Hindu

[email protected] ; Shraman graduated from Modern School Barakhamba Road and is currently pursuing Economics Honours at Hindu College. In addition to writing, Shraman loves reading books and constantly tries to make himself better aware of the world around him. His pastimes include community service and theatre which he actively pursues in college. He hopes to complete his undergrad and do masters in Economics or Finance so that he can try and contribute to our country's economic development and growth. He loves travelling and is a massive foodie as well.

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