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Sex Amma: I can’t help but fantasize about my new lecturer

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Q. Recently a new lecturer joined my college and needless to say she is very hot. Now the problem is I can’t help but fantasize about her, even when I am with my girlfriend! And I can never admit this to my girlfriend, what should I do?

A. Aiyyo, little idli, how your question makes Amma nostalgic. Drooling over an attractive professor maybe one of Amma’s best college memories! *winks*

Darling puttu, crushing on a hot professor is nothing uncommon for a crispy dosa such as you; older women have always been one of the most popular fantasies. Amma believes it to be just a phase, which will wear off as the semester progresses.

However, it is not a good idea to tell your girlfriend about the backwaters your mind wanders off to, especially when you two are getting down to business. Some ingredients, in Amma’s experience, are best kept to one self, to be used only for the most exquisite private recipes. In all fairness, a transient phase might hurt the feelings of your girlfriend, and hence Amma advices you not to talk to her and enjoy the added flavour to the rasam while it lasts!

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