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Netflix in India: All that you need to know!

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The world’s largest TV streaming service Netflix is finally in India! People especially youngsters spend a lot of time watching TV shows, movies and documentaries, making this service almost a necessity. If you’re planning on subscribing to Netflix, or are still confused on how it can make your life different, here’s a brief lowdown on what Netflix India is all about.

Subscription and Video Quality

In India, Netflix is offering three different kinds of subscriptions. These include the Basic Plan for Rs. 500 for a month, Standard Plan for Rs. 650 a month, and the Premium Plan for Rs. 800 a month. The Basic Plan allows you to stream on a single screen, whereas the Standard Plan and Premium Plan allow the subscriber to use the Netflix account simultaneously on 2 and 4 screens respectively.

The good thing is that Netflix is free for the first month, but for signing up you need to give your credit card details. One has the liberty to cancel Netflix subscription at any point of time.

The Basic Plan offers standard definition videos; the Standard Plan offers videos in High Definition, and for Ultra High Definition, one needs to subscribe the Premium Plan.

What you can watch

Netflix offers a variety of shows, documentaries, indie movies, animated movies, etc. It also produces its original content, some of which include the well-known House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc. One can surely watch these, albeit most have already. However, Netflix may not be able to stream House of Cards as Zee Cafe already has licensing rights for it. But you can watch ‘Orange is the New Black’, which is probably one of the most well-known Netflix original shows. Other things that separate Netflix from other streaming services and cable service are:-

Recommendations- Netflix recommends according to what you like to watch, but you don’t always have to follow those recommendations. Instead, Netflix makes a playlist for you if you rate shows on it. This playlist is based on the ratings you give to movies, on the basis of which assessment is done on the kind of content you like, the movie star duos you prefer, etc.

Plethora of options- The good things about Netflix is that it is not limited to TV shows and movies alone. You can watch other things like documentaries, Stand-up comedies, talk shows, etc. Netflix is a boon for independent filmmakers and they get an outstanding reach through it.

What’s in store for India- For starters, one can watch a lot of classic and contemporary Bollywood movies on Netflix. They also have a lot of indie cinema which will include documentaries made by independent filmmakers in India.

Regional shows- Netflix India users can also watch shows in their regional language including Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. Based on the response, they will add more shows on customer demand.


Probably the biggest disadvantage of subscribing to Netflix India is net speed. Nearly everyone in the country complains of problematic Internet speed. As a solution, Netflix has teamed up with 4G services, which is just a start.

Why should I subscribe to Netflix?

Piracy– Indians are used to piracy. A lot of people do not see the point of subscribing to Netflix when they can download on Torrent and watch content. This is where Netflix is a step ahead. In a lot of places, torrent websites are absolutely banned and one needs VPN for accessing. Netflix streaming means no need for breaking the law, and watching seamless content rightfully.

Spoon-feeding– Netflix will basically save all the extra work you do in research of likeable movies, and shows. On the basis of what you like, Netflix will already lay down content for you that you will love.

Censorship– True, one can watch the same shows on TV, but does anyone remember how anything even remotely ‘offensive’ (not) is taken off from the episodes? Netflix offers shows which are completely uncensored.

The Premium Plan– A lot of us in college live with our roommates, and can easily share a Rs 800 plan that will give access to each of us watching shows on different laptops simultaneously.


It is known worldwide that Netflix produces original content of its own, including Specials and Continuations. This will give a chance to Indian indie filmmakers to team up with Netflix and produce original shows like TVF Pitchers, ScoopWhoop Baked, etc. This also means that Netflix will be in constant competition with other services like Hotstar. Though this is just a thought shared by many people, Netflix may actually act upon this in the future.

If these aren’t enough reasons, there is no reason to fret. Sign up on Netflix, stream a new show, experience what’s in store for you and chill!


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