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Sex Amma: How can I get my girlfriend to be intimate with me more often?

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Ques: Amma, how can I possibly get my girlfriend to be intimate with me more often? I try and try but she doesn’t seem to want it as much as I do!

Ans. My succulent Adai, you can’t just simple ‘get’ someone to give you what you want, much less your lady love.

It is very common among dosas and vadas to have different attitudes when it comes to our sex drive. This does not mean that she doesn’t enjoy ‘it’ as much as you do, instead, she might just need it less often! The lady macchis like to be warmed up into the mood for dosa making and that is the trick to success. Flirting and dirty talk can take you a long way, top it with abundant foreplay, and she will be drawn to you, desiring for more.

Amma cannot emphasise enough on the importance of addressing her needs as well as yours. It is a two way street, and you both need to be on the same page in order to make it work, remembering that communication is the key.

More importantly, you can’t coerce or guilt-trip her into ‘doing it’ because not only will it make her unwilling but will also make things extremely unpleasant between the two of you. This is why you need to warm up your idlis just right, before you dip them into the hot Sambhar you both make together. *winks*

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