Bazinga: DU to ban skirts for girls sighting cold days ahead

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A university considered liberal when it comes to choice of attire, DU has now decided to pass a new notification that will ban skirts for girls early next semester. The reason for the same (according to our sources) is being sighted as the ‘cold days ahead’. DU, which has been in surprisingly close touch with the MET department these days, is closely looking at the temperature markings for the coming days and has decided that it is too cold for female students to wear skirts.

The decision came after an application was filed and submitted to the VC’s office by Professor Magan Daaruwala from the department of ancient studies. In the application, professor Daaruwala wrote, “Every year I see girls shivering in the winter while wearing skirts and my sympathy towards them is what has lead me to write this letter”, because apparently (as Mr. Magan thinks) the need to be fashionable overpowers the need to stay warm in today’s generation.

The notification, which came out yesterday evening has sent chills across the student community in DU. When we asked for reactions, Ms. Ghevar Mithai, who is currently pursuing Political Science hons. From JMC vented out her rue over the decision. “Who is the university to decide what we decide to wear or not; never expected such a notification” she said in a heated interview session with our correspondent. On anonymity, another girl from Hindu college told us how inappropriate it would be to ban skirts and how this will only lead to banning the same in summers as well.

Right wing activists on the other hand have welcomed the decision and are fully supporting it. “Wearing skirts is against bhartiya sanskriti and there should be a total ban on them”, one of the activists told us. Ms. Sadabahaar Khosla, a teacher from Laxmibai College who is among those known for having leftist views counterattacked the right wing organisations and stated that these organisations are responsible for sending our society back to medieval times. Among this debate, most students and teachers seemed to have forgotten the original reason for which the notification was issued which is not to attack our liberalism but simply to protect girls from the cold days ahead.


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