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A Girl’s Guide to acing the New Year’s Eve look

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As the year ends,one is faced with a great dilemma: acing the perfect New Year’s Eve look! With multiple gatherings and parties to attend, it becomes immensely important to wear what is comfortable, yet chic and stylish; something that will make one completely stand out! So we thought, why not ease your burden and give you the essential cheat sheet that will guide all you pretty ladies to an awe inspiring ‘New Year’s Eve look’! Take a peek at the list below.

1. Sequinned Blazers
Sequinned blazer

Comfort=style,and that is the mantra. There is no doubt that a woman loves to dress up for occasions. However, she seldom would want to compromise on her comfort.If one isn’t comfortable,one won’t be able to fully enjoy either the event or the look.
So, if you are a style chick and don’t want to go for the conventional decked up look this New Year, then go for a sequinned blazer! To add an edge to the look, you can team up the blazer with pumps or stilettos along with skin tight jeggings or trousers.


2. Faux Fur Blazer


An ultra- chic fur jacket is all you need to take an average party outfit to a glamorous winter eve show stopper!

4. Jump suits
Jump Suit

Jump suits may have become a receding trend, but they are definitely not out of fashion! Simple, elegant and hassle free, a Jump Suit is a great option for that special evening. So pick up a nice jump suit and let your look do all the talking!


5. Pencil skirt and lose tops
Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are not just suitable for a business attire but, if worn in a quirky and edgy fashion, it can do wonders for your look! Jazz up a nice pencil skirt with a lose fitting top and add the much needed pinch of glam by wearing some accessories that enhance the overall look.

6. Long Boots

You needn’t freeze to death in that short dress! Add extra oomph and warmth to your outfit with long boots in suede or faux leather.

7. Velvet Dress


A very on- trend material, velvet, will keep you warm and give your outfit the texture it needs to stand out from the crowd. Pair with a leather jacket for a rock chick look.

8. The surreal saree
slacks and saree look dia

Why go all western when a saree can be as intimidatingly appealing ? Yes, even a saree can do wonders when trying to find a new look to uplift your new year celebrations. Lately, a trend of teaming up a saree with slacks has caught fire. Well, the trend never died. So grab a dazzling saree and enjoy the new year celebration!

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