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5 winter recipes that can make you salivate!

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A lot of people detest the cold because we have to make all that extra effort to keep warm and of course, the getting out of bed part.  While we comfort ourselves around a fireplace or warm ourselves  with room heaters, we can also feast ourselves on few of the easiest and tastiest recipes.  Here are a few items you should definitely try out this winter season!





Banana Plum Cake



  • Banana Plum Cake – What is Christmas without some Plum Cake, right? And making a banana plum cake is extremely easy. All you need is sugar, butter, flour, baking soda and powder, mashed bananas , plums and some cashews (if you want to add them). Add some lemon zest on top and it will give your taste buds something to remember. The punch of plums and cashews provide just the right flavor and texture. To remove the dryness you can try adding red or white rum.

You can get the recipe Here

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Tandoori chciken



  • Tandoori Chicken and Saag chutney – Go to the nearest dhaba! Although a barbeque could do equally well, but nothing beats a desi feast. If cooked well, the meat will turn out to be hot, juicy (lemon garnish and chicken stew sauce) and should melt in your mouth. The spinach chutney completes the nutrient requirement and also does wonders for the completion of the recipe.

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Hot chocolate



  • Hot Chocolate with Oreos – Hot chocolate is a punch of chocolate and milk, not as thick as cake batter but not as thin as regular milk either. All you require are milk, oreos, cocoa powder, condensed millk and cornstarch (optional). The consistency is enough to substitute cold banana custard. Oreos add a grainier texture to the drink.

             You can get the recipe Here

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Rum Balls


  • Rum Balls – Nothing comes close to the white rum filled balls of cake and cream, garnished with coconut sprinkles. To make this you need any tasteless biscuit like Marie Biscuits, Condensed milk, Cocoa, coconut, cream, cake and of course rum. The texture is virtually amazing and the creams leave the sweet consistent and not dry. The rum keeps your body warm too.

You can get the recipe Here

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Winter recipes


  • Pancakes – Honey, Maple syrup and egg filled flat breads can make your day brighter. The perfect breakfast delicacy which is both hot and keeps your body warm. Added to that, a whisk of whipped cream on top can do wonders to your appetite.

You can get the recipe Here

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All in all there is so much that can be enjoyed about the winter. Along with that a savory list of delicacies can do wonders to that festive mood too.



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