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Sex Amma: He likes to do it on the floor!

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Q. He likes to do it on the floor when we are together, but I prefer the bed. How can we resolve this?

A. Aiyoo! You naughty idlis remind Amma of her maiden days when the floor of the paddy fields used to be her mattress. But that is a story for another time *winks*

There is nothing wrong with having different preferences when it comes to the art of dosa making. Your boyfriend might have dissimilar tastes than yours, but there is no harm in indulging him once in a while. You never know when you start enjoying it on the floor too. It is normal to try to introduce some spice into your otherwise plain dosa batter, it might jazz things up a little and might end up enjoying yourself.

Finally my puttu, don’t be afraid to try out something new. But if you are not comfortable then talk to your boyfriend and let him know. You idlis can try out something else where both of you are comfortable. Lastly, don’t think too much and just have fun my naughty idlis!


Providing guidance to the students of DU since 2008 on matters of sex, dating and intimacy, Amma is back again this week with her dose of advice. Want to ask Amma a query? Mail it to [email protected].

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