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Wooplr shows you how to look Christmas ready!

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So it’s finally that time of the year when we start watching Home Alone all over again and listen to Christmas jingles. Yup, CHRISTMAS WEEK has just begun and I know just how difficult it is for all you girls to choose an appropriate outfit that looks ‘Christmasy?’ for all the Pre Christmas lunches, high teas and parties you’ve been invited to.


But this Christmas let the bells jingle and the cameras flash because Wooplr has in store, just the right clothing for you to look Christmas ready.


1. A Hot Red Suit

There’re no questions about the fact that Red is a Christmas color and if it enters your wardrobe in form of a stylish suit then even better! All you have to do is cover it up with A Hot Red Suit and look stylish and Christmas ready at the same time! (Bonus point? It’s the kind of fashion that’ll protect you from the chilly weather outside)


2. A Red One-Piece

For all the party scenes with your friends before Christmas where you want to go with the theme and look all set for Christmas, A red one piece will have your back! Perfect for a casual Christmas party or lunch, this’ll make you look gorgeous and Christmas ready like nothing else. Comfortable yet stylish, this is literally the answer to all your ‘what do wear issues’ before or on the 25th of December.



3. A Special Christmas Sweater
Excited about Christmas? Yeah, show the world. Go ALL out! Perfect to pair up with Jeans and boots, this special Christmas Sweater is THE perfect thing to go with the Christmas theme. Something you could wear during your casual Chill Scenes with friends, nothing shouts CHRISTMAS better than this kind of a special Christmas sweater! Casual yet extremely Trendy, this sweater literally gives out those Christmas vibes even before the 25th of December!


4. Red Leggings & a Christmas-Green Tee

Now, this might sound a little weird and mismatched but trust me, you can totally pair red leggings with a dark greenish tee to look all set for Christmas! (Minor detail – Just add a black overcoat to avoid looking more like a Christmas Decoration piece)

This look is just perfect for all the sophisticated Pre-Christmas high teas & dinners that you have to go to! Formal yet totally chic, this look totally goes with the Christmas(y) flow!



5. A Casual Red Striped Dress

A red & white striped dress is just what you need to wear for all the shopping dates with your friends before Christmas. Known to be Christmas colours, this kind of a dress doesn’t just make you look all stylish and chic but also gives out the Christmas feels. Something that totally gels with the theme, this is a MUST HAVE for all the stylish girls who know how to set a trend!


6. Christmas PJ’s & Socks

Now, this is for all the lovely sleepovers you’re gonna have with your girlfriends before Christmas. You know what to do right before you settle on the couch and watch Home alone together? Change into some lovely, comfy Pyjama and Socks that radiate the Christmas vibes!

Cute and comfortable, these just shout out Christmas like nothing else!


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