Bazinga: DU students exempted from odd-even rule; car-poolers to get free internal marks

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Achhe din arrived for students of DU today as Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, announced in an address to students at DU’s North Campus that Delhi University students will be exempted from the odd-even rule. The rule, which will come into effect starting January 1st, seeks to reduce vehicular pollution in the capital, by allowing vehicles with odd and even numbered registration plates to ply on alternate days.

While addressing students in Delhi University’s North Campus on Tuesday, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Several students have written to the CM’s office protesting against the implementation of this rule, as they will find it difficult to commute to college on days when vehicles with their registration number are not allowed. Some boys have said they won’t be able to show off in an effort to pick up girls without fancy cars. It was a very delicate matter, so we’ve decided to take this measure,” he declared. “Students of DU will have to show their ID cards at police checkpoints and they will be allowed to continue on the roads of Delhi”, said Kejriwal. His declaration was greeted with loud applause and cheering from the grateful students.

The exemption will only apply from 8:00AM till 4:00PM for morning colleges’ students and from noon till 8:00PM for students of evening classes.

Additionally, the government also announced that DU will award extra internal assessment marks (upto 15 marks) for students who travel via public transport or carpool, i.e. when more than 2 students of neighbouring colleges or the same college travel together.

“Education has always been the foremost priority of the Aam Aadmi Party, and the convenience of Delhi’s students cannot be compromised,” said a spokesperson of AAP. A student who had written to the CM lamenting the implementation of such a rule, said, “Attendance in colleges may fall if this rule is enforced. How will students reach college in time for their 8:40 classes?” she asks.

Mr. Kejriwal’s announcement has come as a breather for several students. DU teachers however, are now asking a pertinent question. Why has the rule not been extended to include DU teachers?

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