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How to de-stress while preparing for semester exams

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That time of the year is here when the photocopy machines are occupied, the students with notes are being pampered by their fellow classmates and attempts to finish an entire semester’s topics in a few days are being tried out – college semester-end exam time for DU Students.

Nervousness and sleepless nights take over for some. The sudden change of routine, the stress of wanting to pass or get a good percentage and the typical turmoil surrounds us as we mark the few weeks of intensive studying and hoping for the best. For fucchas, it’s tougher because the experience from getting marks as high in 90s to a sudden drop to 60% is definitely not a good one.

Here we have some of the ways to beat the procrastination as well as the exam blues.

1. Go outside – Yes, it’s time you keep your notes aside if you’ve been studying for hours and go out of your room. You need the break to relax and clear your thoughts out. ‘Outside’ here simply refers to taking a break away from your study area or your room. Set a time period for which you’ll take this break, and just for a short period of time, don’t think about studying and its consequences at all.  If possible, engage in exercise (or even dancing) to feel a little more active.

2. Step back and think – Do a reality check. How much have you studied so far? How confident do you feel? If the nervousness or even laziness is taking over you, this is needed. If you’ve done even 60% of what you’ve aimed for, you’re good to take a break. Else, feel free to study just a little more till you feel confident enough to relax.

3. Set a routine – This is perhaps the most important key to beat the blues. Have a fixed time for studying and taking breaks. If possible, set the study time close to the timing you’ll actually be giving your exam so eventually you’ll be more focused during those hours of the day. Make sure to set your hours to sleep so you don’t end up pulling too many all-nighters.

4. Let go of Expectations – Here’s a disclaimer: The marks you get do not define who you are. College exams are really different from school ones and always keep that in mind. Marks definitely matter a lot, but they are not a measure of your intelligence or success. Work hard, but don’t begin to revolve your life around the marks you get. The purpose here is to see your will, dedication towards your work, understanding your subject and diligence.

5. Do that one thing that can de-stress you – Whether it is dancing your heart out, watching a movie or calling up your best friend for a pep talks, just do it. Yes, it’ll take some of your precious time where you could study, but that’s where the planning comes in. Plan the amount of time you’ll spend studying and taking the break. During the break time, simply do that one thing unique to you which can make you happy.

Bonus: Getting back to studying – Taking too many breaks for your own good and you’re unable to study? Read “This” article to get back on track so you can prepare to pass the exams.

Good luck and hope for the best!

Shaina Ahluwalia 

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