Success has a new locus, Phokas: The Self Control app

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It’s really quite incredible how the slightest push is just enough to set the ball rolling, and how the greatest inventions are often found in the glimmer of an idea.

A few uploads of handwritten classroom notes a week before the semester-end examinations at IIT-Delhi received such an amazing response from fellow students, that it triggered a vision, Mission Study India. “We were barraged with requests for more such uploads by the entire institution. It was a response that made us believe, in the potential of the idea we had stumbled upon and in our ability to make it a reality”, quips the team.

As engineers, they realized that they wanted to solve problems that were indigenous to Indian students.  Now, two years down the line, Study India has taken off. With a brand new website currently under development, a constantly expanding repository of  education data, a software division churning out mobile applications by the week and a hardware division exploring the latest technology in the realm of close-range wireless communication, what was but an idea is now on the verge of a revolution.

The latest release from the Study India Suite of Mobile Applications is Phokas!

Remember the long nights you’ve spent just before an exam trying your level best to study those endless chapters? But the buzz of the phone is just too inviting, and you simply have to see what she’s saying on WhatsApp. Or the newest level on Candy Crush is just waiting to be completed and Facebook is just calling you to check out the latest notifications.

Well, now you needn’t fear for Phokas is here.

Just select the apps that aren’t letting you work, choose how long you want to stay focused, and voila! Your job is done. You needn’t worry about getting distracted anymore. Additionally, since exam-season usually involves a never-ending list of tasks for the day, you can schedule tasks for the future on Phokas and therefore make an informed decision about when you need your ‘focus’ zone the most and hence set daily and weekly app blockages.

Keep alive the essential services on your phone and do away with what’s not needed. Let Phokas help you streamline your time and energy, minus all the distractions and help you study smarter.

You can follow this link to download Phokas on your Android smartphones https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.studyindia.phokas

The Study India team would love your honest review and suggestions on the app, so do drop them a message on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/studyindianotes (or mail them on [email protected]) and don’t forget to review them on the Google Playstore with your valuable inputs!

You can also visit, www.studyindia.com, to explore the range of services that Study India has to offer. But for now Success has a new locus, Phokas: The Self Control app that puts you back in the driver’s seat

Guest post by team Phokas, Study India.

Image courtesy: www. googleusercontent.com 

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