Bazinga: DU to send Results Home via Post

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This year, Delhi University is planning to take out the results in a way which will totally revolutionize the procedure. Yes, no more blockages in the website and the subsequent anxiety which grips the students when the result is about to be showcased. In an unprecedented move, the university has taken out a notice adhering to the fact that it is planning to send a copy of result directly to the registered address of the student.

The notification which came yesterday has sent shock-waves across the student fraternity as a whole. A student agitation lead by PAISA (Progressive All India Student’s Union), has already been planned against the university’s move. The national secretary of PAISA told to us on a phone call, “This move not only threatens the privacy of students, it also makes them vulnerable to the thrashing back at home since the results will be sent to their respective addresses during holidays.” Then, we moved on to ask those who will be most affected by this decision. Yes, the students. Pran Thewala from Sri Venkateswara College had this to say, “I haven’t come across this news yet, but if this is true, I will plan a vacation with friends around the time the result might land up in the premises of my home.”

While the same tone echoed from all the students we approached for a comment, teachers gave us mixed reactions. Some seemed happy by the notification. Mrs. Kakku Narula, associate professor at the department of Modern Studies said, “We welcome such a move. Students these days have been hiding their results by giving one excuse or the other. Such a move will ensure this does not happen.” Those who seemed much more aware and practical discarded such a move by terming it as pure non-sense.

As seen in the past, the university largely remains unfazed by the reactions of its students and teachers and hardly goes back on its decisions unless the government of the country asks it do so. We at DU Beat think that this is another one of those special gifts VC Dinesh Singh is planning before he leaves office in January

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