Bazinga: DU to release cut-offs to pass every Semester

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Everyone who thought the traumatic impact of DU’s sky high cut-offs was an experience they wouldn’t have to endure for a second time in life, think again! Delhi University announced earlier this week that students will have to clear cut-offs which will be released at the beginning of every semester in order to pass over to the next one. If a student fails to meet the cut-off of his own college, he will have to either migrate to a college where he has made the list or repeat the semester again the next year.

Although it may seem complicated, the procedure is actually pretty straightforward. Each college will release a cut-off list for each of its courses and continue to lower it until its seats have been filled. However a representative of the DU administration said that colleges have to ensure that cutoffs are not significantly lower than those released at the time of the undergraduate admissions as this may tarnish DU’s reputation of having the highest cut-offs on the planet. “We are well aware of the fact that marks in college on average do not rise as much as they do in the the class 12  boards so we have run the necessary statistical tests and think students will be satisfied with the prospective lists we release,” said a senior member of the cut-off releasing committee. When asked to give an example of what students can expect, he stated that B. Com Honours students can expect the cut-offs to be in the 94-95 range whereas for BA Honours it will be lower at around 90-91 per cent. According to him cut-offs below that would simply not be “the DU way“.

Whereas the purpose of this new system is not yet clear, the official statement released was that this will help further motivate students to study more and take semester examinations a little more seriously than they currently do. Whether or not this will succeed, only time will tell.

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