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How to prepare for improvement exams this semester?

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A lot of us must be struggling with those extra exams to give this semester. While the already main papers were a task to battle, reappearing papers is not that unique a task. For those who have failed exams in the past, there isn’t much choice, whereas for those who voluntarily give improvement examinations, be wary. One must choose wisely a paper which is scoring, if the past marks scored in them were average. No matter how less, appearing for an exam you scored horribly in the past, may just turn out to be a grave mistake since you already have to bear the burden of atleast four first-timers.

Generalized here are a few tips to use while preparing for such papers.

1. Revise regularly

Well, nobody does that, do they? The ones who do are smart and have good time management skills. However, it won’t kill you if you don’t.

2. Use the mid-semester break

No doubt how busy you are during that week, you know you have to appear for more exams this semester. And not many of us start preparing for the main papers of this semester in that time, a general excuse being ‘syllabus is not yet done with’. Revise the syllabus in that week, at least go through the books, and you will find your speed surprising. Practice those questions and examples you left last time.

3. Practice ten-years

Infact, practice questions, if not as many as you can, then at least those you think are important. You have already been there once, and by now you might have an idea what is important and what kind of questions are asked.

4. Solve your question paper

Do not forget that awesome paper that fetched you not-so-awesome marks. Solve it. It is imperative that you do. You may not know where you lost marks, but then atleast test yourself. You may be able to solve those questions you could not, during those three hours.

5. Seek help

First, do not be ashamed of reappearing in a paper. Let your friends and teachers know. Ask them for help. Friends did better than you because their concepts were clear. Teachers taught you and have experience. Now that you have a second attempt, be wise.

Give yourself a break from those monotonous subjects of your semester, and use the syllabus of your reappearing paper as an escape, for a while, and then return to those subjects. Improvement papers are not a new thing, some do it out of choice, others for improving their average. It is a pretty common phenomenon, make the best of it. And remember, if you don’t appear for the improvement exam, you marks from the earlier exam will be considered.

Good luck!

Ayesha Sareen

[email protected]

Pursuing Economics Hons. from Indraprastha College for Women, Ayesha is a creative person to the core. With a mind that is like a cauldron brimming full of ideas, she has a suggestion on almost everything, and an affinity for Psychology. A movie buff, who loves to explore places, she finds solace in the company of good friends, who mostly find her lurking in the English Fiction section of the library. Possessing a strong and powerful voice, she has been an orator all her life. She believes in the Gandhian ideology of "Whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it is very important that you do it, because nobody else will." Getting published recently has inspired her to give her writing some deeper thoughts.

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