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Down the road with Hindu College on the left and St. Stephens College on the right one comes across the gates of the third oldest college of Delhi University. A constituent of the original ‘Delhi University’ (which earlier comprised of St. Stephens, Hindu and Ramjas college), it is on its way to celebrate the completion of its 100 years in 2017. Centennial celebrations have, in a way already begun in Ramjas with different societies and student groups organising events under the banner of the same.

Ramjas College has a rich history behind its establishment. It was founded in 1917 by the great educationist and philanthropist Rai Kedar Nath and was in fact, named after his father Lala Ramjas. When it was moved from its original location in Darya Ganj (Old Delhi) to Anand Parvat, there it was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi and it remains till date the only college to have been inaugurated by the Father of our nation. It is also privileged enough to have had the Architect of our Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as a chairman of the Governing Body of the college. And this is not all. During the Quit India Movement, students of the college participated actively in the movement with some of them going to jail in the process. Maybe this legacy of the college led to its present reputation of one of the colleges which is most actively involved in student politics.

Apart from its rich history, the college also boasts of a beautiful green campus surrounded by huge trees. The beautiful foliage and soothing greenery of the college has earned it the title ‘Rainforest‘. Ramjas is among the top 20 institutions of the country in Science, Commerce and Humanities in terms of factual ranking. Open to students and teachers of all backgrounds it was originally intended to be  premier institution for the common people. It now boasts of state-of-the art classrooms and departmental rooms with advanced multimedia facilities. Entering the college canteen one sees the octagonal, chandelier lit canteen which serves delicious food at low costs. In the same building there is a canteen top which can be used to house buffets by the departments and societies of the college. The college consists of a Extra Cirricular Activities (ECA) room and is the first co-ed college to have a Girls Common Room (GCR). The college has a well stocked library with over 100,000 titles and one can find almost any academic book they want. It also has two sports fields, a basketball court, cricket, tennis and football ground. It also has a state of the art gym.

The college also boasts of societies renowned in the DU circuit. ‘The Ramjas Debating Society’ has produced some of the best debaters of the university and has even represented the college in a debating event in the UK. ‘Shunya’ the dramatics society is very active, organises plays year round and also has been the recipient of numerous awards. They even represented on an international platform in the 2nd Indo-Pakistan dramatics festival. Wordcraft, the literary society recently organised a one of a kind Marvel Civil War and hosts unique competitions all year round. Focus the photography society, Melange the fine arts society, Qnights the quiz society which has been represented on Doordarshan and All India Radio, Backbeat the music society and In-Step the dance society are the well known societies of the college.

The college canteen, the ECA room premises adjoining the canteen and (Ramjas is famous for this) the Sutta Lane which the adda ground for the students and smokers. It is also the most happening place in the college apart from the canteen. Popular hangout spots around the college are Kamala Nagar, Hudson Lane and the University Gardens among others.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad is the longest serving principle with a streak of 30 years since 1985 when he first took charge and he is the only principle to have his name recorded in the Limca Book of Records. With its energetic and green environment and eminent faculty, Ramjas college definitely lives up to its name.

Arindam Goswami

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Currently in my third year, studying Political Science major at Ramjas College. I love chicken and books and sleeping. If you want to talk, feel free to drop me a mail at [email protected] or you can reach me through Facebook, Arindam Goswami. Kudos!

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