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Ramjas Road Menace: How Accessible are our Colleges?

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Months on, the road outside Ramjas College is yet to be fully constructed. The road poses a serious threat to differently-abled students.

Amidst the unpredictable Delhi monsoon, the road outside Ramjas College turns into a sludge of dirt, grime, and puddles. Delhi police barricades stand in strange places as students leap over puddles and potholes.

The road that was dug up in March, in hopes of creating an improved one, still remains unfinished.

It limits the movement of students, and other travellers towards Daulat Ram College and Vijay Nagar. The looming cloud of dust became a permanent resident of the college, as students and teachers with breathing issues struggled.

During the second phase of construction, the road right outside the main gate was dug up, a gaping pit, roughly 10 feet deep stared at the world as students were forced to make their way to the college through the sidewalks caked with mounds of dirt and rubble. A walk to the college became a hiking trip.

As the raging Delhi summer went by, the capricious monsoon arrived. The dust outside the college has settled to puddles and swamps. Delhi Police barricades stand at the opening of the road, sometimes, it turns into a parking spot.

The tarmac on the road is yet to be laid but bikes and scooters still manage to scoot past the barricades. On the days when it rains heavily, the road turns into a massive puddle, forcing students to make their way through the sludge.

Letters to authorities have remained unanswered. Udhav Sharma, a third-year student wrote to the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), explaining his concerns over the damaged roads. However, the NDMC is yet to respond. “The Principal told me that the work will get over in a few days.” But that’s yet to come true. Another pit has been dug up towards the sports ground gate of the college.

The road is also a source of great discomfort, and a possible threat to differently-abled students, faculty members and visitors to the college. Ramjas College is yet to become fully disabled-friendly. “The college space is inaccessible for people like me, the staff are rude, the damaged road is the cherry on top. There’s always a major risk of getting injured,” said a master’s student who chose to be anonymous.

The college Principal and Vice Principal remained unavailable for comments.



Feature Image Credits: Jaishree Kumar for DU Beat


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