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Q. Dear Amma, I have dated many people and I have been intimate with them, but I have never experienced anything ‘mind blowing’. Please give me some advice on how to enjoy myself more!

A.Aaah! Curious appums looking to spicing it up are also the most wicked when it comes to the art of dosa making.
You want to experience something so tantalizing that spreads from your fingers to your stomach, touches your skin from the inside and makes you breathless. The first step in achieving this is to be in love with yourself, to be confident about what you want and when you want it. For that, you should know your weak spots which can make you swoon upon the slightest touch of banana leaves, through the ability of self pleasure. That’s right my idli, get ready to fly solo once in a while and it will do you wonders!
That done, next thing you can do is experiment with your preferences and introduce new chutney mixes to go with your dosa. Most importantly, dirty talk! Do not under estimate the power of trash talking your way into bed; it will work as a catalyst to the best of your experiences.
And a special tip right out ofAmma’s book of experience: don’t be afraid to initiate. Believe Amma, if you feel sexy and confident, then your partner will see you exactly as you express yourself to be.And this wisdom works for all you Dosas and Vadas out there struggling to enjoy your mix of chutneys! So don’t just get down to business; experiment, explore and have some fun!

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