The 5 Kinds of IAS Aspirants – Bollywood Style

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The mention of the IAS exam brings to mind two images-that of our hopeful parents, in awe of this noble profession, and that of ourselves if we decide to take the dreaded exam, burning the midnight oil, drenched in sweat, unable to complete the inexhaustible syllabus!

Here is an attempt to give you insights into the 5 personality types which take up this battle head on:

1. The Perfect Star Kid:


Come on. You know this kid. He/she has been in every class in every school/college. Common characteristics of this species include: scoring straight A’s, being the favourite of every teacher and being great in extra-curricular activities as well. Basically, they did everything so smoothly (and, excelled at them, too!) that it made you dislike them with all your heart. They also drove you to experience the existential crisis of your life where you constantly questioned your worth and purpose. These are the students who decide to outshine others yet again by not only cracking but topping IAS. You may see them in libraries working with all their strength to achieve such a goal.

2. The On-the-fence students:


These are the confused ones- those who give the IAS exam just because they haven’t decided on a particular choice of field for their future. No harm in writing it, is there? They fill forms for every possible entrance exam praying and hoping that at least through some exam they’ll magically find their calling. IAS is nothing more than another option for them and a means to gain the much talked about “experience” of giving such an arduous paper.

3. The Good Samaritan:


This is the naïve kid who has succumbed to the constant pleas of his or her parents-“Beta, there should be at least one member of the family in IAS, no? It has been our dream to see you in the service-” accompanied by a tear or two. The daughter/son in this case, is ready to take one for the team and try their luck. Their goal is less oriented towards cracking the paper and more towards gaining appreciation from their parents in front of Sharma Ji who constantly pesters their family with “My beta studies in Amrika!

4. Scions of the families in service:


These are the aspirants who belong to families who have many members in the Indian Administrative Services. Thus, it is perceived to be a given that these kids will prepare for IAS as well. And, the question is not about whether they’re able to crack it or not but if they’ll be able to vanquish the other members of the family by surpassing the marks scored by them. Life is a race, and all that.

5. The Senior Citizens:


IAS is not for the faint-hearted. It requires intense hard-work and without that your odds of clearing the paper will be negligent. But, the aspirants in this category have taken “try once more” a little too seriously. These are aspirants looking for that one big break – The Nirvana seekers!


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