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The Auburn Umbrella: Which celebrity wardrobe would you like to own?

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Over the past couple of weeks, DUB’s Fashion Police went patrolling the North and then, the South, arresting the fashion-savy and fetching you their style tips and mantras. This time, we decided to go a little off-campus. With our keen eye, we were quick to spot our fashion forward students, whom we asked “Which celebrity wardrobe would you like to own?” Here is what we found out:

1.“I would love to own the checkered jacket which Shahrukh Khan wore in Om Shanti Om. The jacket looks so retro and peppy to me, it’s like the perfect jacket for any occasion, plus it was worn by Shahrukh Khan, so it spices up things all the more for me.”


Bhavya Ahuja
2nd year
Zakir Hussain College

2.“A purposeful style-icon, Sonam Kapoor doesn’t dress to impress; she does so to make people remember her wardrobe and fashion-sense. She is so beautiful, I would love to have her wardrobe. Maybe I will end up looking as pretty as she does every time she steps out to face the world!”

Sashya Gulati
Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies
 I.P. University

3.“I want to just spend a day in Ranveer Singh’s closet. The guy wears just about anything and that ends up looking  so good on him! He has such striking clothes: from extremely bright coloured, neon shirts to daper formals, to the very current ‘Jodhpuri Trousers’ to something as simple as a Mickey Mouse tee, he can pull it all off with panache! I would just absolutely cherish his wardrobe!”



Abhinav Bhaskar,
3rd year
Zakir Hussain College

4.“Malaika Arora Khan has a wardrobe full of goodies. Malaika knows how to play with styles, colors, cuts and designs like no one else can which totally makes me want to have her wardrobe!”


Pallavi Bajaj
2nd Year

Jesus and Mary College

Sahil Siddiqui
[email protected]

Image Credits: Sahil Siddiqui
[email protected]

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