SUPERNATURAL: Full of Bromance, Darkness and Blood!

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As Rowena says in the extended trailer of season 11 of Supernatural, “What new hell has Dean Winchester unleashed upon the world?” Well, this is a question that even Dean and Sam are themselves pondering upon. From season 1 itself we’ve seen the Winchester brothers fighting evil, but they always had an idea of what they were fighting; sometimes they had their father’s journals, Bobby or in the recent times the Men of Letters library to help them through their cases. Now, with Darkness unleashed upon the world, a pre-biblical entity which the God fought off with his Archangels in a gruesome battle many years ago even before the Universe was created; Sam and Dean are fighting their biggest battle yet with the original evil in season 11!

Spoiler Alert!


Season 11 will pick up right from season 10 finale. Free of Mark of Cain with Darkness running wild around the world, Dean and Sam will feel guilty for this huge blunder they’ve made. Death being dead, deaths without Death will be an interesting watch. Moreover, the Angels in Heaven and Demons in Hell would be shown pretty scared of this Big Bad Darkness. Castiel would be suffering from the effects of Rowena’s spell and in consequence would be seen recalling his brutal battle with Crowley.

Season Theme

The theme of this season of Supernatural is ‘You can’t outrun your past’. According to the theme we’ll see a lot of old characters brought to life in this season. To defeat this big evil, Sam and Dean would have to confront some figures from their past. Consequently, there would be a lot of flashbacks from the former seasons. As much as they want to defeat Darkness, they won’t be able to do it alone. They would make a lot of unexpected and unholy alliances and invoke people from their past. Even the return of Lucifer is pretty much expected.

Trailer Analysis

With hauntingly classic song ‘O’ Death’ in the background, the chilling trailer of Supernatural season 11 promises a lot of blood and death (without Death), Sam and Dean working on a case, a crazy clown, a very tortured Castiel and Crowley in a priest’s uniform. Also, we see a desperate Sam begging God for his help and an ominous warning “I know you’re dying – I can feel it”.  Therefore, chances are that we’ll finally meet the much awaited God in this season who maybe Chuck (the writer).

And finally in this season, the Brother duo will work as a team, just like in the initial season. They’ll be just Sam and Dean, not some blood drinking half demonsor with Mark of Cain. And yes, we’ll have a whole episode on Dean’s Baby (the Impala) and there would be an episode where we’ll meet Sam’s imaginary friend from childhood (like they’re real things!). Lastly, Emily Swallow as Amara would be the Darkness.

Catch Sam and Dean’s story as they fight the impossible in Season 11 of Supernatural on 10th, October, Saturday on AXN India.



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