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Innovation Projects 2015-2016: Students of CVS assess upcoming tourist sites in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

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Project name: Assessment of emerging attractions in the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur).

Principal investigator: Dr. Kumar Ashutosh.

Co-investigators: Mr. Anand and Ms. Rekha.

Student Members: Ayesha, Harshit Shinghal, Ketan Bhatt, Megha Mittal, Kajol Chhabra, Hritik Kukreja, Simran Bajaj, Rohan Sharma, Kriti, Amal Augustine.

One of the 300 Innovation Projects for the session of 2015-2016 approved by University of Delhi is an assessment of emerging attractions in the Golden Triangle. The project, one of College of Vocational Studies’ multiple projects, aims at working towards the development of attractions in the Golden Triangle which consists of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Due to its immense significance in Indian tourism, there is a need to reassess and improve in this geographical area.

According to Ayesha Zia, a student involved with the project, “Lately there have been no modifications in the existing attractions of the Golden Triangle. Consequently, tourists are not inclined to visit the same place which has nothing more to offer. However, it is not like there are no upcoming attractions in the golden triangle, but due to lack of initiative, the area is not developing fast.

Therefore, the project aims at revisiting, researching and re-creating aspects of the rich cultural heritage of this triangle. For instance, Ameer Fort’s empty Sheesh Mahal, Deewan-e-Aam and Deewan-e-Khaas will be added more life to by recreating the aura of the era through thrones, chairs and carpets of those times. In addition to creating a blueprint of that era, the team will also work on identifying and locating secondary attractions on the road for the tourists whilst their travel. They are also working on implementing the oft ignored UN code of ethics at various tourist spots. The innovation project team has teachers and students of various departments like tourism, economics and commerce working together.

This innovation project, in the words of Dr. Kumar Ashutosh, will come up with viable options to increase the value of the Golden Triangle. This will also identify how to give maximum satisfaction to the tourist visiting an important circuit of India. The plan of action has been articulated already. Infact, Ayesha Zia a student of Marketing and Management of Insurance is very excited about the project and has already initiated collecting the data on these three places. Students will also be making visits in person to identify some yet-unnoticed tourist treasures in the area.

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Graphic by Vidhipssa Mohan

Tooba Towfiq
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