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Sex Amma: Is it harmful to pleasure myself?

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  1. Dear Amma, I love pleasuring myself frequently, does it hurt my body? Or is it harmful in anyway? Also is it normal?


A.Many curious macchis have asked Amma the same question, time and again, about pleasuring oneself, and to answer this for one serves a purpose for many.

My young idlis, masturbation is medically considered to be healthy sexual behaviour and an expression of one’s sexuality for you dosas and vadas, alike. It is also said to increase spice in personal relationships and helps you explore your own body and tastes in the art of dosa making. It is also a normal, fulfilling and safe human activity. And yet some still feel guilty afterwards as our society condemns the act of expressing our desires, as it is supposed to be a ‘hush-hush’ topic, to be practiced behind the veil of secrecy and social bondage.

It greatly pains Amma to say that something as beautiful and pleasant as this is also the most misunderstood by us. So my idlis, there is nothing to be shameful about your own body. But yes respecting our own privacy and that of others is a responsibility each of us share. Hence it is never acceptable to do any such activity compulsively, in public or in any other manner that causes you or people around you any distress. It’s a normal and pleasant thing to do, shunning all stigmas.

Finally, as Amma always says, it is never harmful to have fun and everyone should once in a while experiment with their chutney flavours, just to make your otherwise plain dosa batter a little bit more exciting.


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