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Cyber Security Workshop at IP College

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As a part of initiative ‘Digital India’ taken by Government Of India, All India Women’s Education Association (AIWEFA) conducted a workshop on ‘Cyber Security’ on 22nd September, 2015. The gathering of 500-strong audience was addressed by Asha Chandra, President of AIWEFA, and Sarla Malviya and Anshumann Shukla from Google.

The workshop commenced with the lighting of the symbolic torch as a symbol of reform and empowerment by the Principal of the college and the dignitaries. The workshop focussed on the empowerment of youth as majority users of the web. The speakers enlightened the audience with facts about cyber crimes and loopholes that are often overlooked.

Anamika Das, Vice-President, Students’ Union explains the need for the workshop, “We take online platforms for granted, not realizing that we’re being watched every moment and that our security is also at stake. Such awareness sessions are the need of the hour.”

The workshop covered the main topics like indiscriminate surfing, email threats, social networks and chat groups, Facebook posts, e-frauds, mobile telephony, online harassment, etc. The speakers apprised the students of the dangers of seemingly innocuous browsing, among other themes. It was followed by an interactive session where students sought answers to a plethora of their queries. The speakers were overwhelmed by the response and outcome of the workshop.

Diksha Puri, the General Secretary of Students’ Union, remarked, “The session was very informative, and considering that the threat is real and so close to us, we need to be really aware of such issues. The best part was when we got to know of the cyber laws, the knowledge of which is a weapon against dangers.”

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