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The ecology club, Indraprastha College for Women organised its annual fest, Prakriti Bazaar 2016, on 12th February, 2016. As an effort to steer the youth to think about environmental conservation, it brought together a wide variety of eco-friendly product. Along with the colossal variety of handicrafts, accessories, stationery, among other things, the Mela also boasted of scrumptious food stalls. Added to the whole theme was live music and a pottery workshop.


More than 20 stall were put up, and NGOs like WWF, Muskaan, Beejom, Sarthak Prayas among others. Apart from that various craftsmen displayed their cultural products.  Tribes India sold a wide variety and sizes of bags, while craftpersons from Kolkata and Rajasthan sold accessories  and dupatta in tie and dye respectively, thereby bringing their culture to the fore.

The college has compost pit as an ongoing effort to contribute to waste management, and representatives from Aaram Compost were also present.



Among the food stalls, the one selling Litti Chokha stood apart. Other unconventional stalls included Handmade soaps and Bath gels by Krafty Organix and Kites by Umar Daraz Kite Maker. The diaries being sold at the stall by Action for Ability Development and Inclusion (AADI) were a major attraction.

Students from Enactus, Sri Venkateswara College, and Enactus, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce had also put up stalls. True to its spirit of environmental protection, even the decorations used are recycled waste paper, posters, pamphlets etc. The fest fascinated both the college students, staff and outsiders alike.


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As a part of initiative ‘Digital India’ taken by Government Of India, All India Women’s Education Association (AIWEFA) conducted a workshop on ‘Cyber Security’ on 22nd September, 2015. The gathering of 500-strong audience was addressed by Asha Chandra, President of AIWEFA, and Sarla Malviya and Anshumann Shukla from Google.

The workshop commenced with the lighting of the symbolic torch as a symbol of reform and empowerment by the Principal of the college and the dignitaries. The workshop focussed on the empowerment of youth as majority users of the web. The speakers enlightened the audience with facts about cyber crimes and loopholes that are often overlooked.

Anamika Das, Vice-President, Students’ Union explains the need for the workshop, “We take online platforms for granted, not realizing that we’re being watched every moment and that our security is also at stake. Such awareness sessions are the need of the hour.”

The workshop covered the main topics like indiscriminate surfing, email threats, social networks and chat groups, Facebook posts, e-frauds, mobile telephony, online harassment, etc. The speakers apprised the students of the dangers of seemingly innocuous browsing, among other themes. It was followed by an interactive session where students sought answers to a plethora of their queries. The speakers were overwhelmed by the response and outcome of the workshop.

Diksha Puri, the General Secretary of Students’ Union, remarked, “The session was very informative, and considering that the threat is real and so close to us, we need to be really aware of such issues. The best part was when we got to know of the cyber laws, the knowledge of which is a weapon against dangers.”

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shayari. For the seniors, the day meant no classes and checking out the cute juniors and of course, free refreshments. The day included a performance by the always pumped up dramatics society – Ibtida and introduction by Presidents of other clubs and societies. The freshers got a taste of the one thing that Hindu has always indulged in with great passion – politics. NSUI and ABVP could be seen campaigning with great vigor, handing out chocolates and cards of their candidates to all present. It was a fun-filled day, with everyone interacting and opening up to the new atmosphere which was now their home for the coming three years. The orientation program at IP College for Women, began at 10 am on 23rd July as notified by the administrative office of the college. Due to on going construction in the auditorium, it was held in the gymnasium instead. This one hour orientation started with the introduction of the college as Delhi University’s first women’s college and proceeded with the various rules and regulations pertaining to the college. The college principal, Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf emphasized on the anti-ragging policy of the college in particular and Delhi University in general and how fortunate the students are, who are getting to pursue the four year undergraduate program for its a student friendly initiative by the University. Elaborate details were given about the societies of the college, some of the popular ones being Abhivyakti (Dramatics), Laashya (Choreography) and Afroza (Western Dance). The students were also informed about how and when to use the sports facilities provided by the college like swimming pool, gym, shooting range and badminton court among others . After the college orientation all the freshers were asked to attend the orientation of their respective departments followed by a tour of the recently renovated college. – Surbhi Grover <su[email protected]> and Ishika Gupta <[email protected]>]]>

Freshers timidly walk into colleges on their orientation days not knowing what to expect. They’re afraid or seniors and do not know anybody. So here is what your seniors from several colleges, experienced during their orientations:

Kirorimal College
“It was in room 18. After our teachers introduced us to the staff officially, had done explaining to us the course structure and had handed out the routine that our seniors came. What we feared to be ragging turned out to be something fun in the end. After the introduction, we were asked to sing. Some were made to dance. Someone rapped something. The highlight was the dance to “Oh La La” where the roles got reversed and the guy played Vidya Balan and the girl Naseeruddin Shah and the spoken essay on “tatti” in shudh Hindi. Though a few of the freshers did look uncomfortable, most took it lightly as it was meant to be like. At the end of the day, our seniors became our friends.” – Pallab Deb


Gargi College
“First day at college seems like a big fat tangle of emotions. As I entered the quad, I had no idea how the experience would be, but the college orientation gave me a feeling that this is place where I can spend 3 years of my life and emerge as an all rounder. The day was jam-packed with performances by cultural societies like Enliven, Kshitij, etc. Orientation acquaints students with the various facilities available at the campus and the college societies. The college orientation was followed by departmental orientations where students were acquainted with their courses and respective teachers. In other words, one could call it as a halftone of the coming years.” – Shaily Sharma

Shri Ram College of Commerce
“My college orientation isn’t exactly something I recall frequently, but once I do it all comes back to me like a movie. Just a year back on this day I explored my college for the first time and came to know facts which both surprised and scared me. I remember sitting in our not-so-huge auditorium listening intently to everything the teachers had to say, my hands shaky and mind anxious. The fact that I was sitting in that grossly overcrowded hall among thousands of outstanding young students each one better than the other was weirdly reassuring. I knew that my dream has come true when the principal on the podium said that three years from now you’ll be proud of the person you’ve become.” – Aishwarya Chaurasia


Indraprastha College for Women
“We were asked to assemble in the studio, that’s where the college tour started. Then we were addressed by our principle as to what to expect from this course and college and who are faculty members would be. Later the seniors took over. Each person has to sit on a chair under the spotlight. We had to give our introductions along with the craziest thing that we have done in our life. It was a fun exercise and we all enjoyed a lot.” – Pinakita Gupta

Lady Shri Ram College for Women
As I entered Lady Shri Ram College for the first time, it was the sheer grandeur around it that amazed me. From the lush green lawns to the mighty red building, everything about LSR is inspiring on your orientation day. Walking in to the auditorium was like entering another universe. To be introduced to all major societies, see them perform, listen to teachers and students speak about how the red bricks and the magic they guard accommodate changed their lives is overwhelming. But it’s nothing close to the  how one feels when Dr Gopinath takes over the podium. She’s articulate, inspiring and instils all new students with a sense of confidence. The final tree planting tradition is great way to end an orientation at LSR and makes everyone feel like they’re going to be leaving their mark on the institution forever. – Bani Bains


There is nothing to be intimidated by, not even the seniors. So enter your respective colleges with your heads held high and expect nothing but great times! All the best freshers, welcome aboard!

The BMMMC (bachelor of mass media and mass communication) of Indraprastha College for women held its first national seminar. It was a two day affair held on the 28th and 29th of January, attended by all mass media students from several colleges. Many reputed people traveled from all over the country to address the students, such as Parvez Alam, Biplab Loha Das, Madhumita Ghosh and prof. Kiran Prasad. They spoke on the culture of social media and social movements. Pranjay Guha Thakurta, an industry professional with over 35 years of experience was also one of the speakers.

Dr. Uma Pandey, Debraj Mukherjee and Madhvi reddy spoke about the mass media’s autonomy and the concept of free space. Vinod Dua, a well known name in the media industry, addressed the students on democracy, censorship and social media, its challenges and pitfalls.

It was a success and well enjoyed by all students.

St. Stephens College

Faculty: Of all the departments at St Stephens College, Philosophy, Economics, and Physics have the best faculty. Because of an on-going court case, the college cannot appoint permanent teachers.

Atmosphere: Stephens is often thought of as an elite college, but the crowd here is almost exactly like any other college.

ECA and Sports: The College has a large number of societies, many of which, like the Informal Discussions Group, the Social Service League, the Campus Placement Cell, etc are very active. The Shakespeare society is still alive and reasonably well known. It has one of the best football and basketball teams in the university

Café: The Stephens’ cafe had been stagnating over the years, and is nowhere near its counterparts in many other colleges. The mince and the nimbu paani are popular, but that’s been the case for the last four decades or so.

Mehak Agarwal, St. Stephens College

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Faculty: The College prides itself in having an extremely illustrious faculty. Authors like Dr. P.C. Jain, Dr. C.B. Gupta, and others-whose books you revered in school as holy inseparables- will tutor you at SRCC.

Atmosphere: When some of the sharpest minds of the country congregate at SRCC to further their career interests, the atmosphere is bound to get competitive-yes, sometimes immensely cut throat at that. But in the due course of time, one realizes that the most distinct quality of College is that it never let you feel you’ve achieved enough.

Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports: The College encourages co- curricular activities through its various societies and clubs, of which only a few are active through the year while others pop-up during the winter fest and disappear with its closing ceremony. SRCC is also proud of its Placement Cell which acts as an ideal link between the academia and industry. The college fest ‘Crossroads’ is by far ‘the’ most important date in the college calendar, perhaps a notch more important for an SRCC student than the university examinations too.

Canteen: There are no two opinions about the fact that the canteen needs massive improvements, in terms of variety and quality of food, and ambience too; however that never deters an SRite from spending hours at the canteen in blissful vela.

Sourovi De, Economics

Hans Raj College

Faculty: Although the media seems to celebrate only some of the departments here, truth is that most members of faculty across departments are more worried about academia than their students!

Atmosphere: With new faces each year, new trends keep developing. But generally speaking, the atmosphere at Hans Raj is chilled-out and very friendly.

Extra Curricular Activities and Sports: ECA and sports add color, but don’t yet occupy centre-stage. Dramatics, debating and dance are amongst the most popular activities. Besides these, each department has its own society. In sports, Hans Raj is best known for its basket ball team.

Canteen: The canteen is not much to talk about, although the spring rolls, fried rice and the chole-bhature are worth a try. Its prime location right across the LP makes it the most crowded and colorful places on the college campus. There is also a Nescafe counter in college.

Vasundhara Sharma, Economics
Anchit Jain, B. Com (Hons)

Hindu College

Faculty: The Maths, Economics and the English Faculty of the college are simply excellent. The commerce faculty of Hindu is also worth mentioning.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere in Hindu is pretty chilled out. Most of the students are seen hanging around in the lush green lawns of the college armed with their guitars and endless conversation.

ECA and Sports: The Sports of Hindu has deteriorated in the past few years. However this is not the same in ECA. The Music, Theatre and Debating Societies of the college are brilliant.

Canteen: It’s quite famous for it’s seekh kebab rolls. The new additions of naan with shahi panner and momos have been a spectacular hit.

Oindrilla Dutta, Hindu College

Kirori Mal College

Faculty: The English and Economics faculties in KMC are absolutely outstanding. Being a student from English, I have had the privilege of interacting with faculty members that are extremely helpful and take a personal interest in one’s progress as a student. Also, an inconspicuous Urdu department is one that cannot be ignored.

Atmosphere: Rubbing shoulders with other North Campus colleges, KMC has its own blend of the intellectuals and the non-conformists. It certainly doesn’t compel you to make academics your only priority, perhaps allowing you to explore other aspects of your personality.

Extra Curricular Activities and Sports: KMC is most known for its widespread interest in extra-curricular activities and performing arts like Theatre and Music have long since been DU favorites. Home to excellent soccer and basketball teams, KMC has made its presence felt in Inter-College sporting competitions as well.

Canteen: The KM Canteen doesn’t seem to give its students any respite. The food remains inedible with what one can only call an almost sadistic consistency.

Adhir, Kirorimal College

Indraprastha College for Women

Faculty: It boasts of one of the best faculty in Delhi University. The Department of Mass Media and Mass Communication also has guest faculty that consists of professionals from renowned media houses of the country.

Atmosphere: Being a girl’s college, IP ensures such an atmosphere that ensures that you can walk around the campus comfortably in a skirt, a pair of shorts or even pyjamas! Also, the student-teacher relationships are frank enough for the girls to discuss their love lives with the teachers.

ECA and Sports: The endless facilities provided by the college urges the students to improve their sporting talents and physical fitness. In fact, it is the only women’s college with a swimming pool, a gymnasium, a well-equipped health club, a shooting range and an extensive play-field.

Canteen: Just outside the college gate, sits a bhelpuri-wala who serves a wide variety of mouth-watering items. From fresh fruit juice to burgers and aloo-chaat; he makes plenty of quick-meals for the laborious girls of IP college.