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DUSU elections through the lens of a regular college student

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If ten years down the line someone asked me about the things I missed from my days spent in Delhi University, one of my answers would include election season! But, before you think that I’m a super active political party supporter or contesting candidate, let me tell you that I’m just a regular college student. Except voting, I’m not involved in any kind of political activity.

Here are some of the good, bad and weird things that happen and people you meet during the DUSU elections, from the perspective of a normal college student!

The white walkers

No, I’m not talking about the Game of Thrones. But beware of them if you are running late for your lectures as once caught, they would only let you leave when you would’ve heard their whole manifesto and memorised their party’s ballot numbers with their candidates’ name echoing in your head for a very long time.

The shouting drones

Well, these can give you a headache! They are posted everywhere- inside the metro station, near escalators, stairs and the road leading to your college, college gate. In short, they flank the road till you get inside the college building. They are from different parties, so as soon as they spot a person, their shouting competition begins. You cannot avoid them but, you can avoid the headache. Just plug in headphones and walk.

The class disruptors

These are my favourites but, only during super boring or miserable lectures. They ask the professors for ‘just two minutes’ and barge in. Sometimes, the professor may start scolding them which is pretty entertaining to watch.

You can’t avoid them but you can always be entertained by them. Use this precious disruption for a quick selfie, texting, Facebook update, Snapchat or just a power nap session!

There are other things in store for every student during the DUSU elections- walking on a carpet of pamphlets, getting freebies to ‘vote and support’ candidates even as they talk about honesty in their agendas and a lot of annoying text messages and phone calls too. The election shindig is indeed an amusing, albeit annoying, time in DU!

Image Credits: Nidhi Panchal for DU Beat

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